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State Office Contacts

Pennsylvania State Office

359 East Park Drive, Suite 2
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Mailing Address
359 East Park Drive, Suite 2
Harrisburg, PA 17111
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania State Office. Find out contact information for various Engineering, Programs, and Topics.

Pennsylvania Directory

State Office
Name Position Phone Number Email
Denise Coleman
State Conservationist
Shozette Smith
Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy
Susan Parry
Assistant State Conservationist for Partnerships
Tim Peters
State Conservation Engineer
Yuri Plowden
State Soil Scientist
Jared Shippey
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
Dan Ludwig
State Resource Conservationist
Molly Rose
Public Affairs Specialist
Heather Smeltz
Assistant State Conservationist for Water Resources
Beth Sassaman
Acting State Resource Conservationist
State Office Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Timothy Kinney
Administrative Operations Assistant
Angie Bowman
Program Support Specialist
Michael Boyer
Admin Support Assistant
Mark Buckwalter
Ag/Civil Engineer
Adam Dellinger
RCPP Coordinator
Pat Dorman
Financial Resources Specialist
Marcie Dunn
Natural Resource Specialist
Dayanna Barnes
Resource Conservationist
Ted Evans
Technical Assistance Support
Mark Goodson
State Agronomist
Melissa Hanner
Easement Programs Manager/HELC
State Forester
Wendy Karrasch
Soil Conservationist
Andrew Kling
Soil Conservationist
Ashley Lenig
Conservation Program Manager (CSP/CIG/NWQI)
Mary Lynn Marks
Christopher Plount
Ryan Cornelius
EQIP Program Manager
Mary Spardy
Program Assistant
Lauren White
Public Affairs Assistant
Kamie Hughes
Business Services Specialist
Kris Goetz
Acting State Biologist
Mick Albert
Natural Resources Specialist
Paul Shaefer
Agricultural/Civil Engineer
Jared Boger
Civil Engineering Technician (Remote)
Tony Anastasi
Business Tool Specialist
Brian Campbell
State Grazing Specialist
Dane Lauver
Easement Program Assistant
Susan Hult
State Compliance Specialist
Ryan Szuch
RCPP Program Assistant
NRCS Assistant State Conservationist by Areas
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jeff Werner
Assistant State Conservationist for Operations Western Pennsylvania
Amanda Coleman
Assistant State Conservationist for Operations Northeast Pennsylvania
Charles Hanner
Assistant State Conservationist for Operations Southeast Pennsylvania