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State Office Contacts

Oklahoma State Office

100 USDA Ste 206
Stillwater, OK 74074-2651
Mailing Address
100 USDA Ste 206
Stillwater, OK 74074-2651
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The state office staff provides overall leadership for the activities of Oklahoma NRCS to help people conserve, maintain and improve our natural resources and environment.

Welcome to NRCS in Oklahoma!

stc ok jeanne hamilton

Jeanne Hamilton, State Conservationist

Hamilton was introduced to NRCS in high school as an FFA Agronomy Team member. She was hired as a Student Career Experience Program intern after graduation in a small ag community in Northeast Montana and continued as a student intern while in college. She has worked as a Soil Conservationist in many locations across Montana, District Conservationist in Arizona, Area Resource Conservationist for programs and State Financial Assistance Program Manager in Montana, and Assistant State Conservationist for field operations in South Dakota. As the Assistant State Conservationist for field operations in Pierre, South Dakota, Hamilton served on the state leadership team and provided leadership and guidance to field and area staff across 26 counties in central South Dakota for six years.

Hamilton has a passion for developing and expanding her leadership skills and understanding 
of the agency, agriculture, and NRCS partners on a broader scale. She has served in long-term 
leadership details in Colorado, Idaho, and Oklahoma and was also Acting Branch Chief for the national Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Acting State Conservationist in Kansas. Hamilton has completed the National Strategic Leadership Development Program and served as a member of the National Appeals Cadre and the National CART Policy Team and is currently assisting with the development of the agency’s strategic plan.

Hamilton continually looks for opportunities to help improve conservation delivery to NRCS customers, training and support for agency staff, outreach to the public, and collaboration with partners.

She graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, with a degree in crop science. Hamilton is a lifetime member of the National Organization of Professional Women in NRCS and currently serves as president. She is also an active member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.


Employee Directory

State Conservationist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jeanne Hamilton
State Conservationist
Connie Fitzpatrick
Executive Assistant
Carol Crouch
Tribal Liaison
Ecological Sciences
Name Position Phone Number Email
Steve Glasgow
State Resource Conservationist
Michael Sams
State Biologist
Caleb Stone
State Agronomist
Donna Shaw
Business Tools Coordinator
Melissa Jones
Susan Lagle
Sharon Bays
Executive Assistant
Name Position Phone Number Email
Diana Perry
State Conservation Engineer
Monte Jones
Civil Engineer
Rachel Schlais
Agricultural Engineer
Lilly Sawatzky
Agricultural Engineer
Project Engineer
Jessica Nichols
Craig Spencer
Head of Design
Dustin Livingston
Design Engineer
AJ Kennedy
Design Engineer
Andrea Lane
Civil Engineering Technician
Kevin Dabney
Civil Engineering Technician
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Joshua Ketch
Assistant State Conservationist M&S
Sarah Hasenmyer
Management Analyst
Chris Best
Business Service Specialist
Terri Jones
Management Analyst
Name Position Phone Number Email
Gilbert Guerrero
Assistant State Conservationist for Partnerships
Carrie Chlebanowski
Public Affairs Specialist
Mary Fisher
Urban Conservationist
Management Analyst
Name Position Phone Number Email
Karla Stephens
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
Dustin Stoner
EQIP Program Manager
Andrew Bennett
CSP Program Manager
Melanie Oliver
ACEP Program Manager
Sarah Foulks
Farm Bill Specialist
Kimberly Ashby
Program Clerical Specialist
Ricky Doyle
Program Assistant
Timothy Jones
WRE Specialist
Rylan West
WRE Specialist
Jeff Davis
WRE Specialist
Tiffany Nelson
RCPP Coordinator
Soils and GIS
Name Position Phone Number Email
Steven McGowen
State Soil Scientist
Jacob Bushong
GIS Specialist
Water Resources
Name Position Phone Number Email
Roderick Dukes
Assistant State Conservation for Water Resources
Valerie Glasgow
Planning Engineer
Ted Kersten
Civil Engineer
KC Kraft
Andrew Ewing
Planning Engineer
Management Analyst
Paige Berry
Resource Conservationist/Economist
Billie Brorsen
Administrative Assistant (CTR)
Field Operations
Name Position Phone Number Email
Shelly Oliphant
Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations West Zone
Brent Pannell
Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations Central Zone
Brandon Bishop
Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations East Zone
Team Leaders
Name Position Phone Number Email
Devon Testa
Acting District Conservationist Team 1
Stanley Irving
District Conservationist Team 2
Jeremy Hughes
District Conservationist Team 3
Rusty Norrie
District Conservationist Team 4
Mark Benton
District Conservationist Team 5
Cameron Lutz
Acting District Conservationist Team 6
Will Brock
District Conservationist Team 7
Whitley Mack-Kokojon
District Conservationist Team 8
Jeff Phillipi
District Conservationist Team 9
Brandon Burns
District Conservationist Team 10
Nick Jones
District Conservationist Team 11
Danielle Metz
District Conservationist Team 12
Reed Yule
District Conservationist Team 13
Dana Davis
District Conservationist Team 14
Cord Colwell
District Conservationist Team 15
Michael Ramming
District Conservationist Team 16
Cambra Fields
Acting District Conservationist Team 17
Cleaon Bradford
District Conservationist Team 18
Audra Fenton
District Conservationist Team 19
Valerie Hannon
District Conservationist Team 20
Russ Wright
Acting District Conservationist Team 21