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State Office Contacts

Montana State Office

10 E Babcock St, Rm 443
Bozeman, MT 59715-4704
Mailing Address
10 E Babcock St, Rm 443
Bozeman, MT 59715-4704
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NRCS Montana State Office Staff Directory

Full, printable version of the NRCS Montana Employee Directory. 

Employee Directory

State Conservationist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Tom Watson
State Conservationist
Noel Waterman
Executive Assistant
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kyle Tackett
Assistant State Conservationist (Partnerships)
Katie Pacholski
State Outreach Coordinator
Brad Holliday
Community Agriculture Specialist
Public Affairs
Name Position Phone Number Email
Tasha Gibby
State Public Affairs Specialist
Mary Myers
Visual Information Specialist (ACES)
Nicole Martinez
Public Affairs Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Justin Meissner
Assistant State Conservationist (Easement Programs)
Matthew Whithed
Program Specialist (ACEP-ALE, FRPP, GRP)
Brian Ohs
Montana Association of Land Trusts ACEP-ALE Easement Liaison
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kelley Barkell
Assistant State Conservationist (Programs)
Ernie Haglund
Program Specialist (CSP)
Justin Trout
Program Specialist (RCPP, CIG)
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kris Berg
Assistant State Conservationist (Management and Strategy)
Mickey van der Hagen
Financial Resources Specialist
Alyson Keaton
Business Services Specialist
Kristi Nile
Management Analyst
Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) Business Center
Name Position Phone Number Email
Bart Huber
Human Resources Specialist (Human Resources Systems, Analytics & Reporting)
Byrdeen Warwood
Accounting Technician (Financial Management Division)
Cherie Rath-Williams
Fiscal Specialist (Financial Management Division)
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kale Gullett
State Resource Conservationist
Connie Cok
Administrative Assistant
Andrew Williamson
Pilar Ziegler
Gregory Cain
Business Tools Coordinator
Susan Tallman
Kevin Derzapf
Rangeland Management Specialist
Celie Meier
Monica Pokorny
Plant Materials Specialist
Kristin McRae
Resource Conservationist
Cory Wolfe
Civil Engineer
Alyssa Fellow
Environmental Compliance Biologist
Soils, GIS, NRI
Name Position Phone Number Email
Alex Dado
State Soil Scientist
Julie Tesky
State Resource Inventory Coordinator
Kevin Loberg
State GIS Specialist
Nathan Parry
Soil Scientist
Matti Osterman
Resource Soil Scientist
Marni Thompson
Soil Health Specialist
Bridger Plant Materials Center (PMC), 98 S. River Road, Bridger, MT 59014-9514
Name Position Phone Number Email
Plant Materials Center Manager/Horticulturist
Darren Zentner
Farm Foreman
Michelle Majeski
Study Leader/Agronomist
Isabella Ayala
Big Sky Watershed Corps Member
Jessica Kersh
Biological Science Technician
Name Position Phone Number Email
Rob Molacek
State Conservation Engineer
Jennifer Pappas
Administrative Support Assistant
Paul Smidansky
Design Engineer
Scott Christiaens
Design Engineer
Kari Scannella
State Geologist
Paul Sanford
Hydraulic Engineer
Snow Survey
Name Position Phone Number Email
Mage Hultstrand
Data Collection Officer
Eric Larson
Lauren Austin
Colin Kultys
Joe Krall
Zach Rich
Hydrologic Technician
Chelan Babineauz
Hydrologic Technician
Major Land Resource Area Office (MO) (SSR-4)
Name Position Phone Number Email
Eva Muller
Soil Survey Regional Director
Dee Morgan
Program Analyst
Daniel Perkins
Senior Regional Soil Scientist
Jane Karinen
Soil Data Quality Specialist
Kirt Walstad
Senior Regional Ecological Site Specialist
Josh Robino
Soil Scientist - GIS Specialist
Marji Patz
Ecological Data Quality Specialist