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State Office Contacts

Michigan State Office

3001 Coolidge Rd
Suite 250
East Lansing, MI 48823-6349
Mailing Address
3001 Coolidge Rd
Suite 250
East Lansing, MI 48823-6349
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Contact information for the Michigan State Office and state management team.

Welcome to NRCS in Michigan!

Garry Lee, State Conservationist

stc mi garry lee

Michigan NRCS, led by our State Conservationist and our State Leadership Team, serves one of the nation's most diverse agricultural economies. Michigan's agricultural producers and non-industrial forestland owners are served by 56 NRCS field offices administered by four area offices.

As the Great Lakes State, NRCS-Michigan is dedicated to protecting water quality as well as conserving and protecting our soil, wildlife, air, and other natural resources.

To learn more about how NRCS can help you conserve the natural resources on your land, contact your local NRCS field office.









NRCS Michigan Field Offices

State Office Employee Directory

State Conservationist Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Garry Lee
State Conservationist
Cortney VanEtten
Assistant to the State Conservationist
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Diane Gray
Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy
Brian Buehler
Public Affairs Specialist
Madeleine Cantu
Outreach Coordinator
Robert Johnson
Management Analyst
Kevin Laird
Teresa Moore
Office Automation Assistant
Andy Mueller
Financial Resource Specialist
Delores Rogers
Business Services Specialist
Conservation Programs Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Nicholas Williams
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
Angela Dietrich
Natural Resource Specialist
Greg Elliott
Office Automation Specialist
Adelyn Geissel
Program Support Assistant
Tim Redder
RCPP Coordinator
Justine Reid
EQIP Coordinator
Jessica Short
Program Support Assistant
Brian Thomas
ACEP Coordinator
Candra Thomas
CSP Coordinator
Ecological Sciences Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Dan Zay
State Resource Conservationist
Erin Busscher
Appeals Specialist
Tomeika Graham
Office Automation Specialist
Andy Henriksen
State Forester
Rebekah Jackson
GIS Specialist
Christina Nickola
State Grazing Specialist
Barbara Scott
State Biologist
Ruth Shaffer
Water Quality Specialist
Abby Smith
State Agronomist
Heather Varboncoeur
Conservation Planning Specialist
Kristian Williams
Business Tools Specialist
Engineering Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Rick Woodford
State Conservation Engineer
Ignacio Avila
Agricultural Engineer
Frank Cousin
Civil Engineer
Juanita McCann
Agricultural Engineer
Suzanne Reamer
Environmental Engineer
Dan Vasher
Design Engineer
Soils and Resource Assessment Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Martin Rosek
State Soil Scientist
Eric Gano
Resource Soil Scientist
Melissa Gutierrez
Jeremy Hepner
Natural Resource Specialist
Becky Otto
Compliance Coordinator
Duane Quates
State Archeologist
Ashley Scholten
Natural Resource Specialist
Bernard Skipper
Christopher Valvano
Field Operations Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
William Elder
Area Conservationist, Areas 1 & 2 Upper Peninsula & Northern Lower
Eddie Glover
Area Conservationist, Area 3 Southwest
Albert Jones
Area Conservationist, Area 4 Southeast
Joanna VanDenBoom
Administrative Coordinator, Area 2
Lesley Vanderwoude
Administrative Coordinator, Area 3
Lana Valentine
Administrative Coordinator, Area 4
Name Position Phone Number Email