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State Office Contacts

Maryland State Office

George Washington Carver Center
5601 Sunnyside Ave
Beltsville, MD 20705
Mailing Address
USDA GWCC NRCS stop 5598 c/o Annapolis State Office
5601 Sunnyside Ave
Beltsville, MD 20705
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The Maryland State Office is the state headquarters for NRCS operations in Maryland. If you're a farmer or forestland owner looking for help, please contact your local NRCS field office at a USDA Service Center. There is a service center in each of the 23 counties in Maryland.

Welcome to NRCS in Maryland!

Suzy Daubert, State Conservationist

stc md suzy daubert

Maryland NRCS, led by State Conservationist Suzy Daubert and the State Leadership Team, directs NRCS programs and services that help farmers and private forest landowners plan and carry out voluntary conservation activities on their operations throughout the state of Maryland. Working closely with the Maryland Conservation Partnership, Daubert provides state leadership for operations and program management for 23 field offices, a plant materials center, and the state office in Beltsville. 

A native Marylander, Daubert has worked for NRCS in numerous technical and administrative roles in states across the country, including Alaska, Florida, New York, and Utah. She brings a visionary leadership style to help NRCS address  conservation opportunities in Maryland's diverse agricultural community.

Key Contacts

Suzy Daubert

State Conservationist

State Office Employee Directory

State Conservationist's Office
Name Position Phone Number Email
Suzy Daubert
State Conservationist
Kendrick Flowers
Chesapeake Bay Coordinator (acting)
Rachel Giles
State Outreach Coordinator
Diamond Lonon
Executive Assistant
Public Affairs
Name Position Phone Number Email
Genevieve Lister
State Public Affairs Officer
Gary George
Public Affairs Specialist
Jonathan Logan Arendale
Management Analyst
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Chris Schlette
Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy
Anika Joe
Administrative Assistant
Michelle Anderson
Financial Resources Specialist
Laura Eddy
Business Service Specialist
Nora De La Rosa
Management Analyst
Name Position Phone Number Email
Sherri Degraphenreed
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs (acting)
Mikel Williams
Farm Bill Programs Specialist - EQIP, CIG
Bianca Soto
RCPP Coordinator (acting)
Tiffany Davis
Farm Bill Program Specialist - Easements
Sabrina Albright
Program Assistant
Emily Webster
Farm Bill Programs Specialist, CSP and AMA (acting)
Field Operations
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jackie Byars
Assistant State Conservationist - South/East Field Operations (acting)
Heather Beaven
Area Resource Conservationist - South/East
Eric Hines
Assistant State Conservationist - West/Central Field Operations
Brad Michael
Area Resource Conservationist - West/Central
Jordan Bailey
Area Program Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jacob Dieguez
State Conservation Engineer
Jong Kim
Civil Engineer
Meredith Miller
Environmental Engineer
Ecological Sciences and Conservation Planning
Name Position Phone Number Email
Steve Strano
State Resource Conservationist
Erinna Moorman
Administrative Assistant
Julie Devers
State Biologist
Michael Baker
State Planning Specialist
Susan Lamb
Resource Conservationist
Dana Rushovich
State Agronomist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Phil King
State Soil Scientist
Ann Rossi
Resource Soil Scientist
Tyler Witkowski
Resource Soil Scientist
Valerie Cohen
Soil Scientist