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South Dakota Rangeland

Range & Pasture

Range and Pasture contains tools and information on South Dakota's drought conditions, range planning, prescribed burning, and animal grazing resources.

Current and Projected Drought Status in South Dakota

SD Grassland Productivity Outlook Maps are produced monthly from data provided through the SD Drought Tool.

SD Current Drought Status May 1, 2024
SD Projected Drought Status May 1, 2024































Current Drought Condition Map-May 1, 2024 jpg

Forecast Drought Condition Map-May 1, 2024 jpg

South Dakota Drought Tool Instructions

South Dakota Drought Tool (version 7.8c)

SD Range Planning Tools

Monitoring Tool (Tech Note 8)

South Dakota Grazing Tool

SD Prescribed Burning

Prescribed Burn Plan Example

Prescribed Burn Plan Template

Prescribed Burn Plan Training Presentation

South Dakota Grazing Land Animal Resources

   Body Conditioning Scoring (BCS) Resources
   Forage Sampling and NUTBAL Resources