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Topo Bathymetric LiDAR Sub-Team

Sub-team of the Coastal Zone Soil Survey Team.

Team Members

Marin Figueroa, Soil Scientist, Fort Myers, Florida
George Sullivan, GIS Specialist, Columbia, South Carolina
Jacob Isleib, Soil Scientist, Tolland, Connecticut
Matt Duval, ESI Specialist, Raleigh, North Carolina

Team Charges

The Sub-Team is to focus directly on Topobathymetric Mapping, Models, and Applications within coastal zones. The topobathymetric digital elevation models provide seamless datasets that are the essential backbone for CZSS science based projects.

Specific tasks may include the following:

  • Inventory and assess existing topobathymetric products.
  • Test those topobathymetric products for use for subaqueous soil survey mapping production. Also test those LiDAR datasets for use in coastal zone (subaerial) soil survey mapping.
  • Determine potential priority CZSS project areas based on current and available topobathy products.
  • Potentially develop specific standards and specifications for topobathymetric datasets to ensure CZSS projects are the most accurate and reliable.
  • Determine specific topobathy dataset gaps and prioritize these areas for future data acquisition.
  • Work collaboratively with Collin McCormick (National Elevation Leader) at the National Geospatial Center to prioritize those new data acquisition needs for topobathy. Potentially assist Collin and others in working with NOAA, USGS, USACE, and other related partners in acquiring useful data for CZSS projects.
  • Assist in submitting proposals to purchase and acquire new topo or bathymetric datasets.
  • Assist in submitting proposals for the yearly National Bulletin on GIS data purchases for CZSS projects.