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An introduction to the creation and use of windbreaks

Using Windbreaks for Conservation and Improved Agricultural Production

The University of Nebraska, the NRCS, North Dakota State University, and the Forest Stewardship Program of the Nebraska Forest Service jointly developed a series of publications designed to aid the private landowner in the use of windbreaks for conservation and improved agricultural production. Its goal is to encourage the proper management of all our woodland resources. 

Read the publication series.

Plant Materials Program Publications

The Plant Materials Program develops plants and technology for use in establishing windbreaks or shelterbelts. These vegetative barriers are made up of trees, shrubs and/or grasses planted to provide shelter from the wind and to protect against soil erosion. They are planted around the edges of fields or around structures. Properly designed windbreaks can reduce the cost of energy for homes and support buildings while providing habitat for wildlife. 

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