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Colorado Practice Payment Schedules

NRCS provides financial assistance for selected conservation practices. The availability and amount of financial assistance can vary between states. Download the Colorado payment schedules below to see which activities qualify, and how much financial assistance is available.

Each year, NRCS re-evaluates the amount of financial assistance available for each practice in each state. These evaluations consider the current costs for material and labor within the state, and also the fair marketplace compensation for opportunity costs that may arise (e.g., conversion of productive land). If necessary, the amount of financial assistance is adjusted to keep pace with actual costs. Updated payment schedules are released in the first quarter of each Fiscal Year (Oct-Dec).

Note: Environmental Quality Incentives Program Conservation Incentives Contract (EQIP-CIC) is a new enrollment option created by section 2304 of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Fy-24 Payment Schedules

FY-24 CO Practice Payment Caps and Other Practice Limitations