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Forage Sampling and Nutritional Balance Analyzer (NUTBAL)

Forage Sampling and Nutritional Balance Analyzer (NUTBAL) are useful tools in determining a pasture’s nutritional status. NUTBAL is a fecal sampling protocol used to determine if animals are acquiring their daily needs through grazing alone, or if additional supplementation is needed.

Forage Sampling Resources:

Forage Sampling can be done by a few different protocols. The South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension staff developed a helpful video to help demonstrate the best techniques for collecting forage samples that replicate livestock forage selection:  

Other forage sampling resources:

    Feed and Water Testing Laboratories            

NUTBAL Resources:

Forage Sampling and NUTBAL are part of the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) enhancement – E528A (Maintaining quantity and quality of forage for animal health and productivity).

Consultant Addendum fact sheet (developed for SD NRCS by SDSU Extension)

Consultant Addendum