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Map of Oregon's Conservation Implementation Strategies

Oregon's Current Funding Opportunities

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Oregon's Strategic Approach to Conservation

NRCS Oregon uses a Strategic Approach to Conservation to address priority natural resource concerns in specific watersheds and landscapes across the state, across public and private lands. It all begins with a Long Range Plan. Each county develops a Long Range Plan with input from landowners, agency partners and other stakeholders that identifies and prioritizes natural resource concerns in the community. Long Range Plans are updated to reflect the changing needs and objectives of the county's natural resources.

Based on those plans, NRCS works with partners to develop local Conservation Implementation Strategies (CIS) to help agricultural producers in those targeted areas implement conservation practices that address the resource concerns. Each CIS is the culmination of a multi-partnership effort that identifies a specific natural resource problem; sets goals and objectives; evaluates alternatives; establishes partner roles; and develops an implementation and monitoring plan.

Every year, NRCS hosts Local Work Group meetings at the county level, where farmers, landowners, conservation partners and other members of the community discuss the natural resource needs for the county. Based on feedback from those meetings, NRCS updates the county's Long Range Plan and develops new Conservation Implementation Strategies to address those resource concerns.

Using existing NRCS cost-share programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, we leverage funding and partnerships to target priority CIS resource concerns in Oregon. Projects span both public and private boundaries and include improvements to water quality/quantity, soil health, wildlife habitat, forest health and more.


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