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Public Notice Announcing Scoping Meeting Klamath Drainage District Infrastructure Modernization Project

Public Notice Announcing Scoping Meeting Klamath Drainage District Infrastructure Modernization Project

The United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is considering modernizing strategic sections of irrigation infrastructure in Klamath Drainage District to improve water delivery efficiency and help address local water, fish, and wildlife resource concerns. Klamath Drainage District is the project sponsor and Farmers Conservation Alliance is assisting NRCS in this planning process. Improvements under consideration may be partially funded through the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act of 1954 (PL 83-566) and will address water conveyance and operation inefficiencies in District-operated infrastructure, as well as fish entrainment in canals and drains, while supporting existing agricultural land use.

The proposed project would be in Klamath County, Oregon. The National Environmental Policy Act and the Council on Environmental Quality’s regulations require an evaluation of potential environmental impacts associated with federal projects and actions with input from the public.

You are invited to attend a virtual public scoping meeting where your input is requested. At the meeting, the range of resource issues and conceptual alternatives addressing system improvements to Klamath Drainage District will be presented. Participants will have an opportunity to submit their comments, ideas, and concerns.

Virtual Public Scoping Meeting
Date: Thursday January 27, 2022
Time: 6 PM to 7 PM
Register at:

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the meeting will be held virtually using Zoom. A recording of the meeting will be available afterwards at the same website. Media inquiries should be sent to Marla Keethler at

Comments may be submitted during the public scoping period starting January 12 and ending on February 25. Comments may be emailed to, submitted online at, submitted via phone at (541) 716-6085, or mailed to: Farmers Conservation Alliance, 102 State Street, Hood River, OR 97031.