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Hood River Air Quality

County: Hood River, Wasco counties

Resource Concerns: 

  • Air quality emissions ‐ Emissions of particulate matter (PM) and PM precursors
  • Air quality emissions ‐ Emissions of ozone precursors

Project Description
Air Quality management in Hood River and Wasco counties to reduce the use of diesel burning smudge pots and replace with cleaner burning technology. Other project goals include improving air quality through the reduction of open pile burning by using grinding, chipping, or clean burning methods.

Conservation Practices

  • Combustion System Improvement (372)
  • Woody Residue Treatment (384)

Project Partners

  • OSU Extension
  • Hood River County
  • Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers
  • Hood River Soil and Water Conservation District
  • NRCS Oregon
  • Private landowners

Application Questions
NRCS uses prioritization questions to evaluate applications for this initiative. See the list of workload prioritization questions on the Oregon EQIP page. Ranking questions below will also apply.

Ranking Questions

  1. How much reduction in diesel smudge pots?
    • a. Zero diesel smudge pots remaining on operation.
    • b. Significant (75% or more) reduction of diesel smudge pots.
    • c. Diesel smudge pots are not present on the operation or no change in use of them on the operation.
  2. Are you applying to dispose of orchard wood waste in a manner other than open pile burning?
  3. Are you maximizing the AQ improvement on your operation by eliminating oil based frost protection, disposing of orchard waste wood in a manner other than pile burning, and by utilizing wood chips as dust management?

Carly Heron, District Conservationist
Hood River County
6780 Hwy 35
Parkdale, OR 97041