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Oklahoma Ecological Sciences

The Oklahoma Ecological Sciences Division provides technical resources and training to support conservation delivery to farmers and ranchers through our conservation planning process and provides technical expertise related to agronomy, biology, grazing lands, water quality and NEPA.

Our Ecological Sciences team integrates agricultural, ecological, environmental, fish and wildlife, cultural legacy and energy concerns into all NRCS programs. We consult with our NRCS conservation planners and partners to help farmers and landowners develop appropriate land use, conservation treatment and associated conservation measures. We validate, develop, and implement new technologies to assess conditions in soil, water, air, plant, animal, and energy resources and provide leadership for farm management and sustainable agriculture practices.

The team develops policies and guidelines for NRCS compliance with federal, state and local laws, regulations, and executive orders pertaining to ecological sciences disciplines. We provide policy guidance and update the Oklahoma Technical Guide (FOTG)which provides all of our Conservation Practice Standards and supporting documents and guidelines.

Ecological Sciences provides guidance, expertise and employee and partner training for erosion prediction and control, nutrient management and comprehensive nutrient management plans, pest management, forestry, fish and wildlife management, highly erodible land and wetland compliance, air quality, invasive species and pollinators, pasture management, water quality, soil quality, historical and cultural resources, organic and urban farming. 


Steve Glasgow

State Resource Conservationist