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PL566 State Technical Committee Subcommittee

PL566 State Technical Committee Subcommittee

The Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act (PL-566) authorizes the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to help local organizations and units of government plan and implement watershed projects. PL-566 watershed projects are locally led to solve natural and human resource problems in watersheds up to 250,000 acres (less than 400 square miles).

PL-566 works through local government sponsors and helps participants solve natural resource and related economic problems on a watershed basis. Projects can include flood prevention and damage reduction, development of rural water supply sources, erosion and sediment control, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement, wetland creation and restoration, and increased recreational opportunities.

Technical and financial assistance are available through NRCS which provides allocations of funds for plan development and implementation of projects. A project application must be submitted by local sponsors and prioritized by the Missouri Soil and Water Conservation Districts Commission prior to NRCS planning assistance. Project sponsors can be local or state units of government and usually include soil and water conservation districts and local watershed districts.  Currently, no new projects are being accepted.