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Earth Team North Dakota

North Dakota Earth Team members are part of a national network of volunteers who are giving their time and talent to help with local natural resource conservation projects.

As an Earth Team volunteer, you will work side-by-side with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service professionals who are committed to helping people protect and conserve the earth's natural resources.

North Dakotans volunteer with Earth Team for many reasons:

  • Work experience
  • Academic credit
  • Personal satisfaction

Your skills and interests are matched to the agency's needs.

By volunteering, you will help your community, your country, and our earth.  In addition, you will learn new skills, meet new people, and be part of a dedicated conservation effort.

Volunteer Details Earth Team Experiences

North Dakota Earth Team Volunteer, Leona Sten, details her volunteering experience in farewell letter to NRCS.
Learn more:

How to Get Involved

North Dakota

If you are interested in Earth Team volunteer opportunities, email your name, address, phone number,
volunteer site location preference(s) (city), skills, and interests to Mary S. Hirchert:

National NRCS Earth Team Volunteer link