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Wheatgrass on Eastern Montana rangeland in Wibaux County, Montana

Application for Montana GLCI Demonstration Projects

Ranking criteria for applications includes the significance for benefiting private grazing lands in Montana. Projects must be initiated in the award year and funding will be allocated on an annual basis, which is dependent upon the yearly budget allocation. Submission of application does not guarantee project funding will be available. The current focus is on emerging issues in grazing land management as well as topics that may assist the Natural Resources Conservation Service with delivering Montana Focused Conservation.


Applications will be accepted from groups of individuals, non-governmental organizations, state or local units of government.


The projects must include some aspect of private grazing lands improvement and/or management. Projects must be initiated and sponsored through local, groups of individuals and/or groups. The Montana GLCI steering committee places special emphasis on cooperative efforts working with partners which may include (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), MSU Extension, Conservation Districts, etc.) Individual projects will be considered only if the project provides broad scale, community wide education and benefits the greater good.

Matching Funds

All applicants must show a one-to-one match for project cost. Applicant’s match may be from in-kind contributions and should be noted on the budget form under in-kind or other funding sources.

Application Materials

The following information must be provided, on additional pages, as requested below; incomplete applications will not be considered:

  • Contact Information for Project Coordinator: Name, address and phone number
  • Project Name and Sponsor: Include contact information.
  • Area and Scope of Project: Describe the location and relative size and scope of the project area and provide a map of the area.
  • Description of Project: Describe the history of and the need for the project. Be specific, using qualitative and quantitative measures.
  • Number of Individuals Impacted: Identify all partners involved in the proposal and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Montana GLCI Application Budget Form: Under each category, please provide details; that is travel (who is traveling, cost of travel, form of travel); communications (posters, brochures, flyers, radio and so forth.)
  • Purchase of Equipment: Not funded by this grant but should be noted for the purposes of matching funds, if applicable.
  • Method of Implementation: Describe clearly the methodology of the project and the tools or processes that will be used to implement the project.
  • Expected Outcome: Identify the expected results of the project and the benefits to be derived from the proposed project activities.
  • Method of Evaluation: Describe the methodologies or procedures to be followed to evaluate the project, to determine technical feasibility and quantify the results for the final report.
  • Method of Dissemination of Information: Projects must be relevant to the local area, but applicable to a larger area, once data is collected and available. Projects must be designed to provide methods of evaluation and sharing of information, such as tours, written materials and so forth.

Letters of Support

Please provide only two (2) letters of support that is from an organization that is involved in the demonstration project or providing matching funds or in-kind funding to the demonstration project.

Application Review and Hearings

The Montana GLCI steering committee will review applications for Montana GLCI demonstration projects at regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year as they are received.  A representative may be requested to be available via phone during this meeting. This will allow the steering committee to ask questions and have a better understanding of the demonstration project submitted for consideration.

Award Notification

Applicants whose projects have been awarded funding will be notified in writing within one month of the application review. Applicants who have not been awarded funding will also be notified in writing within the same time frame.

Demonstration Project Agreement

Applicants will provide a written summary report to the coordinator on an annual basis and upon completion of the demonstration project using the criteria set forth in this application: 1) introduction; 2) objectives; 3) study area; 4) methods; 5) results; and 6) contact information.

Application Address

Please send applications to:
Ben Hauptman
GLCI Co-Coordinator

Submission of application does not guarantee project dollars will be available. Funding of projects is dependent upon yearly budget allocations.

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