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San Diego County Agricultural Resiliency

Year Awarded: Fiscal Year 2021

USDA Funding: $368,831.00

Partner-Contributed Funding: $510,000.00

Project Timeline: 2021-2026

Conservation Program Funded: Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP): Land Management 

California Counties: San Diego County

Lead Partner: Mission Resource Conservation District

Collaborating Partners:

  • Mission Resource Conservation District

  • Valley Center Municipal Water District

  • Vallecitos Water District

  • Fallbrook Public Utility District

  • Rainbow Municipal Water Authority

  • City of Oceanside

  • Yuima Municipal Water District

  • San Diego County Water Authority

Project Summary

The San Diego County Agricultural Resiliency RCPP project aims to prioritize the sustainability in agriculture in the region bringing four resource concerns to the forefront; source water depletion as the primary and additional concerns of soil quality limitation, weather resilience, and wind and water erosion. Resiliency strategies that will be utilized by this project include irrigation system improvements for greater efficiency, advanced irrigation management, and the implementation of soil health practices.

Project Goals

  • Promote conservation practices that increase irrigation system Distribution Uniformity (DU), which will be measured both pre system improvement and post installation to measure the increase in DU.

  • Improving irrigation practices and addressing soil erosion and health will seek to reduce non-point source pollution loads on waters of the state; quantifying load reductions using a load reduction calculator developed for local watershed protection.

  • Soil quality limitation improvements will be examined using USDA’s Soil Quality Test kit which will establish benchmarks for soil quality within the region.

Conservation Practices/Activities

  • 327 – Conservation Cover                                            
  • 340 – Cover Crop
  • 430 – Irrigation Pipeline                                              
  • 436 – Irrigation Reservoir
  • 441 – Irrigation System, Micro irrigation                  
  • 442 – Sprinkler System                  
  • 449 – Irrigation Water Mgmt.                                    
  • 484 – Mulching                                                                
  • 533 – Pumping Plant                                                    
  • 587 – Structure for Water Ctrl.                                        
  • 620 – Underground Outlet                                         
  • 638 – Water & sediment Control Basin

NRCS Contact

Andrea Casey, RCPP Coordinator
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Davis State Office, California
Phone: (530) 304-2124


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