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Deputy Chief Angela Biggs

Angela Biggs is the Deputy Chief for Management and Strategy at NRCS.

Angela Biggs

Angela holds a BA in Biology from the University of Guam. Having been raised between the island of Guam and the Midwest (Iowa and Missouri), Angela eventually decided to move back to the Midwest. She began her career with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship – Division of Soil Conservation as a water quality project coordinator before joining the USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Iowa in 2002 as a soil conservationist. She has been serving as the USDA-NRCS State Conservationist for Wisconsin since 2017.

In her 20 years with NRCS, Angela has served as a Soil Conservationist, Iowa Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program Manager (5-year collateral duty), District Conservationist (Iowa and Vermont), Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations (Illinois), National Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program Manager (3-year collateral duty), and Assistant State Conservationist for Management & Strategy (Illinois). She has also served on numerous details as Soil Conservationist, District Conservationist, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Coordinator, Director for the Pacific Islands Area, and recently served as the Acting Deputy Chief for Management & Strategy. She also serves as the lead for the NRCS Hiring Strategy Task Force.

Throughout her career, Angela has been involved with several professional organizations and held leadership positions or served on committees for several of them. She has been a member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society since 2002 and served as the Membership Chair for the Iowa Chapter. She is a lifetime member of the Asian Pacific Islander Organization (APIO) and has served as Secretary, Executive Vice-President and President (2014-2015). She is a founding member of the Professional Organization of Women in Natural Resources Conservation Service (WiN) and served as Co-President and then President (2014-2015). She is a member of the National Organization of Professional Hispanic NRCS Employees, the American Indian Alaska Natives Employee Association, and Equality USDA.