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Missouri Civil Rights Committee

The purpose of the Civil Rights Committee is to provide feedback and recommendations on equal opportunity and civil rights programs, identify emerging areas needing special attention by the state conservationist, make recommendations regarding civil rights policies, practices and procedures, and rec

NRCS Missouri Civil Rights Contacts

Scott Edwards

Civil Rights Officer

Ashley Johnson

Civil Rights Program Manager

Melody Yates

Outreach Coordinator

State Civil Rights Committee

Special Emphasis Program Managers

Iosua Siliva

Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis

Tyler Preston

Disability Emphasis

Alyssa Travlos

Federal Women’s Emphasis

Agustin Colon

Hispanic Emphasis

DJ Engel

American Indian/Alaska Native Emphasis

Katie Philbrick

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Emphasis

Scott Jacob

Veteran's Emphasis

Sarah Szachnieski

Mentor Coordinator