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State Office Contacts

New Jersey State Office

200 Clocktower Drive
Suite 101
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
Mailing Address
200 Clocktower Drive
Suite 101
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
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The New Jersey State Office in Hamilton Square is the headquarters for NRCS operations in the Garden State. The office supports six field offices in helping private landowners improve the health of their operations while protecting our natural resources.

Welcome to NRCS in New Jersey!

stc nj julie hawkins

Julie Hawkins, State Conservationist

New Jersey NRCS, is led by our State Conservationist, Julie Hawkins, and our State Leadership Team. 









A man stands and looks at his farm.

New Jersey Strategic Plan

In order to guide the delivery of NRCS's programs and services over the next five years, New Jersey has developed a Strategic Plan which focuses on the following three goals:

  • Workforce

  • Conservation and Service Delivery

  • Land Base


Employee Directory

State Conservationist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Erika Boyland
Acting New Jersey State Conservationist
Tara Walker
Executive Assistant
Management and Strategies
Name Position Phone Number Email
Ricky Brown
Assistant State Conservationist, Management & Strategy
Tejinder Dhansesar
Financial Resources Specialist
Coleen Churchill
Business Service Specialist
Uziel Torres
Management Analyst
Administrative Assistant
Name Position Phone Number Email
Gail Bartok
Assistant State Conservationist, Programs
Fran DeFiccio
Program Specialist
Katelyn Colon
Easement Specialist
RCPP Program Manager
Field Operations
Name Position Phone Number Email
Arelys Ortiz
Assistant State Conservationist, Field Operations
Craig Chianese
Resource Conservationist
Jessica Henry
Resource Conservationist/State Cost Share Program Manager
Tairi Colon
Outreach Coordinator
Field Engineer, North Support
Jina Vandi
Civil Engineer, South Support
Katrina Slesarevich
Civil Engineer, North Support
Rubén E. Pérez
Irrigation Specialist, Energy Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Evan Madlinger
State Resource Conservationist
Kaitlin Farbotnik
Conservation Agronomist/Grazing Specialist
Xanvith ‘Bea’ Sabouthone
Resource Conservationist/Business Tools Coordinator
Trish Long
GIS Specialist
Betsy McShane
State Biologist, Environmental Compliance Specialist
Donald Donnelly
Name Position Phone Number Email
Hilary Trotman
State Conservation Engineer
Watershed Engineer
Dave Schaaf
Natural Resources Planning Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Edwin Muñiz
State Soil Scientist
Fred Schoenagel
Resource Soil Scientist
Milton Luna-Vega
HEL/WC Specialist
Public Affairs
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jacob Bailey
Public Affairs Specialist
Urban Agriculture
Name Position Phone Number Email
Morgan Devine
State Urban Conservationist