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Mississippi State Technical Committee

Mississippi State Technical Committee (MSTC)

What is the State Technical Committee?

The Mississippi State Technical Committee (MSTC) is an advisory group coordinated by the Mississippi State Conservationist to help organize and deliver Farm Bill related program benefits. General meetings of the MSTC are scheduled once a year or announced for special program activities.

Subcommittees of the MSTC are organized to address current issues and details of various Farm Bill programs. Occasionally, ad hoc subcommittees may also be created to address special programs or as determined by the Mississippi's State Conservationist. Subcommittee meetings are scheduled to coincide with requirements for implementation of specific programs. The organization of the MSTC also includes a link to Local Work Groups. Through a locally led process, Local Work Groups also serve an advisory role and may participate in MSTC meetings.

Edward (Earl) McMillian

Assistant State Conservationist (Programs)