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Hawaii and Pacific Islands Civil Rights Committee

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Titles VI and VII) requires all programs and employment practices to be
administered without regard to race, color, sex, national origin and religion.

The Civil Rights Committee (CRC) advises the Director of the Pacific Islands Area (PIA) and Principle Staff on all matters related to the NRCS Civil Rights and Affirmative Employment Programs. The CRC also provides feedback on the performance of the Civil Rights Program, identifies deficiencies, and suggests opportunities for improvement. The Committee identifies emerging Civil Rights issues that need attention, serves as a vehicle through which employees can bring Civil Rights issues to the attention of the Director and Principle Staff, and advises on the development of Civil Rights and Affirmative Employment plans and progress reports. The Committee's Mission Statement is: We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity and civil rights for all customers, both internal and external, by identifying needs and making recommendations to the Director of the Pacific Islands Area and Principle Staff.

The Civil Rights Committee DOES NOT accept complaints of discrimination in employment or program delivery. Information on filing an EEO or Program complaint can be found on the USDA NRCS Civil Rights Division website.

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