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2020 Conservation Implementation Strategy (CIS) Projects

Conservation Implementation Strategy map 2020 projects

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) in South Dakota is implementing a phased-in approach in how conservation programs are delivered and made an annual call for project proposals. The following are the approved project proposals submitted by partners or NRCS staff.


American Creek Watershed (PDF;  574 KB)
BFID Irrigation and Soil Health (PDF; 656 KB)
Castle Rock (PDF; 647 KB)
Cedar Control on Native Grasslands (PDF; 630 KB)
Hecla Sandhill Prairie Management (PDF; 643 KB)
Honeybee Soil Health (PDF; 634 KB)
Lake Badger Watershed – Flood Damage Repair and Erosion Prevention (PDF; 643 KB)
Long-Billed Curlew – Improving Rangeland Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 658 KB)
Lower Brule Reservation – Improved Winter Water (PDF; 625 KB)
Medicine Creek Conservation Implementation (PDF; 634 KB)
Missouri River Riparian Habitat Restoration (PDF; 622 KB)
Rapid Creek Watershed Restoration (PDF; 629 KB)
Resilient Forest Landscapes – Custer County (PDF; 705 KB)
Soil Health – Salinity Management (PDF; 643 KB)
Upper Cheyenne River Breaks (PDF; 667 KB)
Upper James River Saline/Sodic Soil Conservation Initiative (Updated 9-7-21) (PDF; 597 KB)

2020 CIS Combined Project Booklet (PDF; 3,457 KB)