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Wallowa North - Alder Slope Renewal

County: Wallowa

Primary Resource Concern: Degraded plant condition - Plant structure and composition

Project Description

Partners will address irrigation efficiency and forest health in high priority Alder Slope areas. The irrigation portion of this project will increase irrigation efficiency by 15 percent, reduce water waste and generate power in the Alder Slope geographic priority area. A catastrophic fire on Alder Slope would result in negative resource impacts to forest health, soil conditions and endangered species such as bull trout, steelhead and salmon. The forest health portion of this overall project will create a defensible space from wildfire between public forests and private non-industrial forestland by reducing the density of overstocked stands, manipulating fuel arrangement, forest structure and significantly reducing the fuel load by an estimated 99,000 tons of fuel. The U.S. Forest Service will to do the same on the federally owned lands to increase the defensible space.

Conservation Practices Offered

  • Forest Stand Improvement (666)
  • Woody Residue Treatment (384)
  • Prescribed Burning (338)
  • Irrigation Water Management (449)
  • Brush Management (314)
  • Prescribed Grazing (528)

Collaborating Partners

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Oregon Water Resources Department
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Wallowa Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Wallowa Resources
  • Farm Conservation Alliance
  • Energy Trust
  • Private landowners

How to Apply

If you're interested in applying for this program, please contact:

Cynthia Warnock, Manager, Wallowa SWCD

Abe Clark, NRCS District Conservationist
(541) 426-4521