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North Wasco All Lands

Counties: Wasco

Project Description: This project will provide resources to restore and promote resiliency in fire-adapted ecosystems of the east slopes of the Oregon Cascades. Through past management activities and fire exclusion, the fire-adapted conifer forests in the project area have deviated from the natural fire return interval and other disturbance cycles. A variety of treatments, including thinning, weeds treatments, road improvement and vegetation management, mastication and prescribed burning will be utilized to reduce fuel loadings and thin overstocked stands, with the goal of returning the landscape closer to its historic range of variability. Treatments will create resiliency to large-scale disturbances, while mitigating wildfire threats to at-risk adjacent communities within the wildland urban interface (WUI) and municipal watersheds in the project area.

Primary Resource Concerns Addressed

  • Plant Productivity and Health
  • Wildlife Hazard
  • Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat

Conservation Practices Offered

  • Forest Stand Improvement (666) 
  • Woody Residue Treatment (384) 
  • Tree/Shrub Pruning (660) 
  • Tree/Shrub Site Preparation (490) 
  • Tree/Shrub Establishment (612) 
  • Brush Management (314) 
  • Conservation Cover (327) 
  • Wildlife Habitat Planting (420) 
  • Structures for Wildlife (649) 
  • Herbaceous Weed Treatment (315) 
  • Fuel Break (383) 
  • Firebreak (394) 
  • Prescribed Burning (338) 
  • Prescribed Grazing (528) 
  • Prescribed Burning Design and Implementation Activity (160) 
  • Upland Wildlife Habitat Management (645) 
  • Mulching (484) 
  • Critical Area Planting (342) 

Project Partners

  • City of The Dalles
  • Office of State Fire Marshal
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Oregon Department of State Lands
  • Oregon State University Extension
  • Wasco County Forest Collaborative
  • NRCS Oregon
  • Private landowners

Application Questions
NRCS uses prioritization questions to evaluate applications for this initiative. See the list of workload prioritization questions on the Oregon EQIP page. Ranking questions below will also apply.

Ranking Questions –

  • Is the project area directly adjacent to public lands?
  • Is the project area directly adjacent a fish bearing stream?
  • Does the project address conifer encroachment in areas that were historically, and are currently, best suited as Oregon White Oak forest stands?

Emily Huth

District Conservationist in Wasco County