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Lomakatsi West Bear All Lands Forest Restoration Project

Counties: Jackson

Primary Resource Concern: Fire management - Wildfire hazard from biomass accumulation

Project Description
The West Bear All-Lands Restoration Project RCPP is collaboration between NRCS, lead sponsor and key delivery partner Lomakatsi Restoration Project, federal and state agencies, Tribal Nations, fire districts, non-governmental organizations, and municipalities. By strategically reducing fuels across a contiguous landscape, this project, combined with concurrent efforts including those by Rogue Forest Partners, is anticipated to reduce the risk of severe wildfire for communities in a 27,000-acre project footprint by up to 50%. Ecologically-based treatments are targeted near homes, roadways, strategic ridgelines, and other community assets along the I-5 corridor in the Wildland Urban Interface of Phoenix, Talent, Medford and Jacksonville, Oregon, adjacent to where the 2020 Almeda Fire destroyed 2,400 homes. This work improves wildlife habitat, including for threatened and endangered species, and supports more resilient forest conditions. Additionally, the project engages diverse populations within and adjacent to the project area, including tribal, Latinx, and rural, forest-based communities, while supporting living wage jobs, developing local workforce capacity, and elevating the essential role of forest restoration workers.

Conservation Practices Offered

  • Forest Stand Improvement (666)
  • Tree/Shrub Pruning (660)
  • Woody Residue Treatment (384)
  • Structures for Wildlife (649)
  • Firebreak (394)
  • Conservation Cover (327)
  • Brush Management (314)
  • Prescribed Burning (338)

Collaborating Partners

  • Lomakatsi Restoration Project
  • Sustainable Northwest
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Rogue Forest Partners
  • OSU (Southern Oregon Research and Extension)
  • US Fish and Wildlife Partners Program
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative (SOFRC)
  • The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
  • NRCS Oregon
  • Private Landowners

Application Questions

NRCS uses prioritization questions to evaluate applications for this initiative. See the list of workload prioritization questions on the Oregon EQIP page. Ranking questions below will also apply.

Ranking Questions
1. Is the applicant located adjacent to a public road with project area ingress/egress?

2. Is the proposed treatment area adjacent to completed or planned complimentary fuels reduction work?

3. A majority of proposed treatment area is in one or more of the 4 highest fuel models (Fuel Model Types: TL9, TU5, TL8, TU3).

4. Are there strategic ridgelines in the proposed treatment area?

5. Has the applicant completed defensible space work on the property and/or completed treatments on a portion of the property within the last 10 years?

6. Are landscape features present that are indicative that restoration would have a greater benefit to wildlife, such as large trees, ringform hardwoods, structural diversity including snags and large down wood, or a mixed hardwood/conifer component?

How to Apply
If you're interested in applying for this Program, please contact: