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East Oregon Forest Restoration

Counties: Umatilla, Wallowa, Baker, Union

Primary Resource Concern: Long term protection of land - Threat of conversion

Project Description
The Oregon Department of Forestry and nine partners propose to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and improve water quality and stream habitat in the Northern Blues area of Eastern Oregon.

Conservation Practices Offered

  • Forest Stand Improvement (666)
  • Woody Residue Treatment (384)
  • Tree/Shrub Site Preparation (490)
  • Tree/Shrub Establishment (612)

Collaborating Partners

  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Hancock Natural Resource Group
  • Green Diamond Resource Company
  • American Forest Foundation
  • My Blue Mountain Woodlands
  • OSU Forestry Extension
  • Umatilla National Forest
  • Wallowa Resources
  • Wallowa Whitman National Forest
  • NRCS Oregon
  • Private landowners

Application Questions

NRCS uses prioritization questions to evaluate applications for this initiative. See the list of workload prioritization questions on the Oregon EQIP page. Ranking questions below will also apply.

Ranking Questions
For Thinning/Slash Treatment:

1. Is the project area within 1 mile of public land and/or industrial private forestland?

2. Is the average TPA 500-1,000?

3. Is the average TPA 1,000+?

4. Are 10% of the existing trees affected by insect or disease which is causing mortality and/or significantly reduced growth?

5. Is there a current (created or updated within 10 years) forest management plan for the property?

6. Is the proposed project within ½ mile of past (last 10 years) fuels reduction work on private or public land?

For Tree Establishment (Tree Planting):

7. Project area primarily composed of site class 3 or 4?

8. Project area primarily composed of site class 5?

9. Project area has failed at naturally regenerating (up to or above minimum FPA stocking) free to grow seedlings for 10+ years?

10. Project area has fewer than 2 healthy seed trees per acre?

11. Project area has a contiguous area of 10+ acres?

12. Project area is within 1,500’ of a stream expected to have running water beyond July 1st?

How to Apply
If you're interested in applying for this Program, please contact:

Baker County:
Jana Peterson, Oregon Department of Forestry

Hannah Smith, NRCS

Umatilla County:
Josh Lambert, Oregon Department of Forestry

Nate James, NRCS

Union County:
Travis Lowe, Oregon Department of Forestry 

Mike Burton, NRCS

Wallowa County:
Tim Cudmore, Oregon Department of Forestry

Abe Clark, NRCS