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Montana Civil Rights Advisory Committee

The Montana Civil Rights Advisory Committee (MCRAC) is an eighteen-member employee committee that advises and assists Montana NRCS leadership with the objectives of the Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity (CR/EEO) programs. The committee also supports staff throughout the state with civil rights reviews, trainings and participation in a wide variety of outreach activities.

The MCRAC is composed of a representative from each area, a state office representative, a Senior Leadership Team representative, a Beginning Farmer Rancher representative, the state outreach coordinator, two advisors, and eight Special Emphasis Program Managers that represent American Indian/Alaska Native; Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander; Black Emphasis; Disability Employment; Federal Women; Hispanic; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender; and Veterans.

Members and Contact Information

Name Position Phone Number Email
Lindsay Schmitt
Chair; Representative from Great Falls Area
Cody Garcia
Vice Chair; Representative from Bozeman Area
Tessa Wilson
Secretary; Disability SEPM
Cody Garcia
Representative from Bozeman Area
Lindsay Schmitt
Representative from Great Falls Area
Katrina Johnson
Representative from Miles City Area
Representative from Missoula Area
Nathan Parry
Representative from State Office
Trisha Cracroft
American Indian/Alaska Native SEPM
Zach Williams
Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander SEPM
Kyle Wolf
Black SEPM
Tessa Wilson
Disability SEPM
Jenna Brown
Federal Women's Program Manager
Hannah Sawyer
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender SEPM
Nicole Martinez
Hispanic SEPM
John Bowe
Veteran SEPM
Faith Hill
Beginning Farmer and Rancher Representative
State Outreach Coordinator
Cari Ostberg
Leadership Team Representative; Title VI and VII Advisor
Justin Meissner
Title VI and VII Advisor