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Water control structure allows adjustment of water levels for better waterfowl habitat management.

Engineering Overview

The Delaware NRCS Engineer staff provides innovative, economical, and timely services to NRCS staff, conservation partners, and private landowners. Engineering staff provides planning, design and construction services to support agency programs and activities.

Featured Engineering Projects 

Delaware NRCS engineering projects showcase the sound technical assistance provided by the engineering staff and its connection to the successful implementation of conservation practices on the land. Check back for upcoming success stories and engineering updates. 

 NOAA 14 Rainfall data and distribution

The Engineering Field Handbook supplement concerns use of rainfall data developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Atlas 14 (NOAA 14) and rainfall distributions based on the NOAA 14 data.  These rainfall data and rainfall distributions will replace rainfall data from Weather Bureau Technical Paper 40 (TP-40) and the standard NRCS rainfall distributions Type II and Type III. This Supplement contains maps, data, and technical procedures for the state of Delaware.

Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention 

Delaware NRCS offers technical and financial assistance between eligible entities for watershed protection and flood prevention to reduce flooding and erosion, improve fish and wildlife habitat, and public recreation, among others. Watershed projects are planned and carried out jointly by local, state, and federal agencies with support of community landowners and citizens in the  watersheds.

Below is a list of watershed projects in Delaware. Visit each project link to learn more. 

Delaware Projects: 

Upper Nanticoke Watershed Project Plan


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