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Conservation Technical Assistance

Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) - Colorado


Most technical assistance provided by NRCS leads to the development of a conservation plan - a resource assessment of the land that allows the client to determine the opportunities for using the resources under their care and how they may achieve their goals. A successful plan helps our customers achieve their objectives while, at the same time, protecting our natural resources for the future.

NRCS helps decision makers with the conservation planning process ranging from site-specific plans for individuals to more complex community, watershed, or area-wide plans for groups of land managers.

Conservation technical assistance is the help NRCS and its partners provide to land users to address opportunities, concerns, and problems related to the use of natural resources and to help land users make sound natural resource management decisions on private, tribal, and other non-federal lands.

CTA can help land users:

  • maintain and improve private lands and their management,
  • implement better land management technologies,
  • protect and improve water quality and quantity,
  • maintain and improve wildlife and fish habitat,
  • enhance recreational opportunities on their land,
  • maintain and improve the aesthetic character of private land,
  • explore opportunities to diversify agricultural operations, and
  • develop and apply sustainable agricultural systems.

This assistance may be in the form of resource assessment, practice design, resource monitoring, or follow-up of installed practices.

Although the CTA program does not include financial or cost-share assistance, clients may develop conservation plans, which may serve as a springboard for those interested in participating in USDA financial assistance programs. CTA planning can also serve as a door to financial assistance and easement conservation programs provided by other Federal, State, and local programs.