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Bridgeport Avalanche Center SNOTEL Summary




SNOTEL Sites: The Natural Resources Conservation Service operates five SNOTEL sites in the Sonora Pass and Virginia Lakes area.  These stations provide hourly and daily snow and climate data including: snow water equivalent, accumulated precipitation (Oct 1 - Sep 30), snow depth, air temperature, soil moisture and soil temperature and wind data (Summit Meadow - only).

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SNOTEL Reports

Interactive Snow Water Equivalent Graphs - Allow users to compare snow water equivalent (in inches) for any combination of historical years. Graphs also include statistical background data, such as the maximum, normal, and minimum water years, as well as shading based on the 10th, 30th, 50th, 70th, and 90th percentiles. Other interactive graph products are available here.




Monthly Snow Course Data - Manual snow tube measurements have been made at the Sonora Pass snow course back to 1930. Measurements are made monthly Feb-May to track depth and snow water content.