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Snowpack (Snow Water Equivalent and Snow Depth)

Snow Courses - MT & WY - Period of Record Monthly Data:



Monthly SNOTEL Data - MT & WY (Snow Depth and SWE) - Period of Record Monthly Data: 




NWS COOP/ACIS Valley Data - MT & WY (Precipitation) - Period of Record Monthly Data: 


Monthly SNOTEL Precipitation - MT & WY - Period of Record Monthly Data



Reservoir Storage

Monthly Reservoir Storage - MT - Period of Record



Max/Min Data by Water Year

Daily SNOTEL Data - Period of Record (Snow Depth,SWE,Precipitation, Air Temperature)



Snowpack Reports  (Includes snow courses & SNOTEL sites, format types: BASN, BASS, LOST) Precipitation Reports  (Includes NWS valley stations & SNOTEL sites, format types: BAPRBSPR) Historical Montana Snow and Water Information (NRIS web site)