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Publications Relating to Monarch Conservation Effort

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Supporting Monarch Butterflies in Mississippi to Celebrate National Pollinator Week 2015 (PDF; 777 KB) Jacobs, A. 2015. Coffeeville, MS. 2p. (ID# 12699).

Great Basin Pollinator Plants Native Milkweeds (PDF; 860 KB) Borders, B., E. Eldredge, E. Mader, and C. Burns 2012. Joint publication NRCS and Xerces. Portland, OR. TN 56. 12p. (ID# 11525).

Monarch Nectar Plant List for the Southern Plains (PDF; 138 KB) Central National Technology Support Center 2015. Fort Worth, Texas. 3p. (ID# 12676).

Monarch Nectar Plant List for the Midwest and Great Lakes Region (PDF; 170 KB) Central National Technology Support Center 2015. Forth Worth, Texas. 6p. (ID# 12677).

TN-PM-16-1-AZ, Pollinator Plants of the Desert Southwest, Native Milkweeds (PDF; 4.4 MB) Nabhan, G.P., University of Arizona; Buckley, S., National Park Service; Dial, H., USDA-NRCS Arizona 2015. USDA NRCS Tucson Plant Materials Center. Tucson, Arizona. November 2015. 36p. (ID# 12744).

Pollinator Plants of the Central United States: Native Milkweeds (Asclepias spp.) (PDF; 1.1 MB) Borders, B., A. Casey, J. Row, R. Wynia, R. King, A. Jacobs, C. Taylor, and E. Mader 2013. Portland, OR. June 2013. 21p. (ID# 11905).

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