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Publications Relating to Air Quality

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Popular Journal or Magazine Articles

Try warm-season grasses as odor buffer (PDF; 1.6 MB) May, J., W. Powers, and J. Durling 2015. Michigan Farmer. May 2015. 1p. (ID# 12695).

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Miscellaneous Popular Articles

Utilizing Warm-Season Grasses to Mitigate Poultry Tunnel Fan Emissions on the Delmarva Peninsula (PDF; 634 KB) Belt, S.V. 2010. Norman A. Berg National Plant Materials Center. Beltsville, MD. September 2010. 7p. (ID# 9980).

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Release Brochures

'Marana' fourwing saltbush Release Brochure (PDF; 375 KB) Lockeford Plant Materials Center Staff 2017. Lockeford PMC. Lockeford, CA. September, 2013. 2p. (ID# 11844).

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Final Study Report

Evaluation of Drought Tolerant Cover Crops for California's Central Valley (PDF; 665 KB) Margaret Smither-Kopperl and Shirley Alvarez 2015. Lockeford Plant Materials Center. Lockeford, CA. February 10, 2015. 7p. (ID# 12523).

Plants Tolerant of Poultry Farm Emissions in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (PDF; 4.3 MB) Belt, S. V. 2015. National Plant Materials Center. Beltsville, MD. September 2015. 25p. (ID# 12671).

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Technical Notes

Technical Note 1: Windbreak Plant Species for Odor Management around Poultry Production Facilities. (PDF; 382 KB) Belt, S.V., M. van der Grinten, G. Malone, P. Patterson and R. Shockey 2007. USDA, NRCS, National Plant Materials Center. Beltsville, MD. April 2007. 21p. (ID# 7166).

Technical Note-PM-14-MT-101: Hybrid Wheatgrass Elymus hoffmannii: Introduced Grasses for Conservation Use in Montana and Wyoming (PDF; 335 KB) Hybner, R., L. St. John, H. Steppuhn 2014. Bridger PMC. Bridger, MT. MT-101. 6p. (ID# 12311).

Technical Note-PM-16-MT-117: Heavy Metal Analysis of Plants Tested in the Stucky Ridge Comparative Evaluation Planting (PDF; 3 MB) LeFebvre, J. 2016. Bridger, MT PMC. Bozeman, MT. MT-117. 14p. (ID# 12936).

Technical Note 24: Evaluation of Cover Crops and Planting Dates for Irrigated Rotations in Central Washington (PDF; 1.1 MB) Pavek, P. and A. McGuire 2014. WAPMC. Spokane, WA. August 2014. 16p. (ID# 12351).

Technical Note-PM-14-MT-46 (rev. 4): Seeding Rates for Conservation Species (PDF; 310 KB) Majerus, M., J. Scianna, and J. Jacobs 2013. Bridger PMC. Bozeman, MT. MT-46 (rev. 4). 12p. (ID# 12046).

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