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Publications Relating to Organic

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Publication Type

Information Brochures and Flyers

Native Legumes of East Texas and the Western Coastal Plains (PDF; 5.7 MB) Alan Shadow 2015. ETPMC. Nacogdoches, Texas. August 2015. 4p. (ID# 12684).

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Plant Guides

Plant Guide, Fava Bean, Vicia faba (PDF; 566 KB) Smither-Kopperl, M.L. 2020. Lockeford Plant Materials Center. Lockeford, CA. Jan, 2020. 8p. (ID# 13528).

White Lupine (Lupinus albus L.): Plant Guide (PDF; 298 KB) Shawnna Clark 2014. Big Flats, New York. September 2014. 6p. (ID# 12325).

Plant guide for crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) (PDF; 326 KB) Young-Mathews, A. 2013. USDA NRCS Corvallis Plant Materials Center. Corvallis, OR. February 2013. 6p. (ID# 11726).

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Release Brochures

'Lana' Woollypod Vetch Release Brochure (PDF; 559 KB) Lockeford Plant Materials Center Staff 2017. Lockeford PMC. Lockeford, CA. 2017. 2p. (ID# 11381).

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Final Study Report

Evaluation of Selected Cool Season Cover Crop Varieties in Northeast Missour (PDF; 190 KB) Herget, M.E. 2020. Elsberry, MO. 17p. (ID# 13641).

Evaluation of Warm-Season Grasses for Use as Cover Crops in Florida (PDF; 1.1 MB) Janet Grabowski 2020. Brooksville PMC. Brooksville, FL. January 2020. 48p. (ID# 13551).

Legume Cover in Orchard Drive Alleys Final Study Report (PDF; 4.3 MB) Pavek, P., D.M. Granatstein 2016. Pullman WA. 4/2016. (ID# 12864).

Efficacy of Organic Weed Control Methods (PDF; 496 KB) Snell, S. 2015. USDA-NRCS Cape May Plant Materials Center. Cape May Court House, NJ. 8p. (ID# 12842).

Evaluation of Drought Tolerant Cover Crops for California's Central Valley (PDF; 665 KB) Margaret Smither-Kopperl and Shirley Alvarez 2015. Lockeford Plant Materials Center. Lockeford, CA. February 10, 2015. 7p. (ID# 12523).

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Technical Notes

Cool Season Cover Crop Species and Planting Dates and Techniques (PDF; 1.7 MB) Melinda Brakie 2015. ETPMC. TX-PM-15-03. (ID# 12683).

Technical Note 18: Cover Crop Resources and Seed Vendors for Oregon and Washington (PDF; 198 KB) Young-Matthews, A. and P. Pavek 2014. ORPMC. Portland, OR and Spokane, WA. August 2014. 12p. (ID# 12349).

Cover Crop Chart: Common Cover Crops for California CAAGTN81 (PDF; 7.7 MB) Smither-Kopperl, M., S. Hill, D. Chessman 2018. Lockeford PMC. Lockeford, CA. Agronomy 81. revised, May, 2018. 49p. (ID# 13333).

Technical Note 22: The Potential for Legume Cover Crops in Washington Apple Orchards (PDF; 987 KB) Pavek, P. and D. Granatstein 2014. WAPMC. Pullman. Mar 2014. 35p. (ID# 12149).

Technical Note 24: Evaluation of Cover Crops and Planting Dates for Irrigated Rotations in Central Washington (PDF; 1.1 MB) Pavek, P. and A. McGuire 2014. WAPMC. Spokane, WA. August 2014. 16p. (ID# 12351).

Technical Note, Adaptation of Cover Crop Cultivars to California's Central Valley (PDF; 749 KB) Bullard, V. 2020. Lockeford PMC. Lockeford, CA. January 2020. 14p. (ID# 13529).

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