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Prescribed Grazing 528

What it is

Managing the harvest of vegetation with grazing and/or browsing animals.

This is often attained through a rotational or mob grazing system where pastures are divided into four or more pastures or paddocks with fencing. Cattle are moved from paddock to paddock on a prearranged schedule based on forage availability and livestock nutrition needs.

How it helps

Improves or maintains:

  • species composition and vigor of plant communities
  • quantity and quality of forage for grazing and browsing animal health and productivity
  • surface and subsurface water quality and quantity
  • riparian and watershed functions
  • quantity and quality of food and cover available for wildlife

Prescribed grazing also helps to reduce erosion and improve profits.

Learn more

Find NRCS Massachusetts technical information in the Field Office Technical Guide: eFOTG.

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