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Range & Pasture

Wyoming Rangelands

Pasture lands are diverse types of land where the primary vegetation produced is herbaceous plants and shrubs. These lands provide forage for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses and other types of domestic livestock. Also many species of wildlife, ranging from big game such as elk to nesting song birds such as meadowlarks, depend on these lands for food and cover.

Other Grazing Lands

Most grazing lands are considered either range or pasture, but grazing lands also include grazed forest lands, grazed croplands, haylands, and native/naturalized pasture. These other land use types make up an additional 106 million acres of privately owned grazing lands, or about 17% of the total U. S. grazing lands. These other types of grazing lands provide a significant forage resource for U. S. livestock production.

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Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) – Inventory, Planning and Monitoring






Ecological Site Descriptions (ESD's)

Ecological Site Keys for Wyoming (18 MLRA’s)

  • MLRA 13X Eastern Idaho Plateaus            
  • MLRA 32X Northern Intermountain Desertic Basins
  • MLRA 34A Cool Central Desertic Basins and Plateaus                                    
  • MLRA 43B Central Rocky Mountains
  • MLRA 46X Northern Rocky Mountain Foothills -- No key(s) available                                 
  • MLRA 47X Wasatch and Uinta Mountains -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 48A Southern Rocky Mountains -- No key(s) available                                
  • MLRA 48B Southern Rocky Mountain Parks -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 49X Southern Rocky Mountain Foothills -- No key(s) available                                   
  • MLRA 58A Northern Rolling High Plains, Northern Part -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 58B Northern Rolling High Plains, Southern Part -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 60A Pierre Shale Plains
  • MLRA 60B Pierre Shale Plains, Northern Part -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 61X Black Hills Foot Slopes -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 62X Black Hills -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 64X Mixed Sandy and Silty Tableland and Badlands -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 67A Central High Plains, Northern Part -- No key(s) available  
  • MLRA 72X Central High Tableland


  • Wyoming State Engineers Office (SEO) Water Rights Database







Smoke Management Permit:

Drought Information

Wyoming NRCS Range Practices

Brush Management (314)                                           Herbaceous Weed Treatment (315)

Prescribed Burning (338)                                            Fence (382)      

Forage Harvest Management (511)                              Forage and Biomass Planting (512)

Prescribed Grazing (528)                                            Grazing Land Mechanical Treatment (548)

Range Planting (550)                                  


National Resource Inventory (NRI)


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Society for Range Management (SRM)

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NRCS-Wyoming Contact:

  • John Hartung, State Range Management Specialist, (307) 233-3153