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Wyoming Ponderosa pine stand


Forestry is the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber, while agroforestry combines forestry and agriculture to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems.

This webpage is designed primarily for members of the public who are interested in obtaining forestry information pertinent to Wyoming’s private forestlands.

NRCS-WY Forest Conservation Practice Descriptions

NRCS works with private landowners to help them determine and meet their forestry objectives. Forest landowners can work with state, private or NRCS to develop a forest management plan that can then be used as a framework for identifying and implementing some of the NRCS forest-based practices listed below.  

Forest Stand Improvement                               Tree/Shrub Establishment

Forest Trails and Landings                                Tree/Shrub Site Preparation

Fuel Breaks                                                        Tree/Shrub Pruning

Prescribed Burning                                           Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment

Recreation Area Improvement                          Windbreak/Shelterbelt Renovation

Riparian Forest Buffer                                        Woody Residue Treatments

Contact your local NRCS office in Wyoming if you are interested in learning how you can implement NRCS forest-based conservation practices.


  • The Joint Chiefs' Landscape Restoration Partnership The US Forest Service and USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service are working together to improve the health of forests where national forests and privately owned forest lands connect (click here to see potential forest partnership areas in Wyoming).  Read more...

  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) When properly applied, BMPs can effectively minimize water quality degradation. Voluntary implementation of BMPs has proven to be an effective means of protecting natural resources to include water quality.

  • Forest Inventory Methods This NRCS technical note provides a description of the common inventory methods and tools used in forestry and agroforestry applications and describes the methods used to conduct resource inventories that support good forest planning.

  • Forest Insect Pests Visit this site to learn more about forest insects that can cause extensive tree mortality in our region.

  • Forest Pathogens Learn more about research on important forest diseases.

  • Managing Private Forest Lands Resources for managing privately-owned forested lands.

  • Conservation Forestry This site is hosted by the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts.

  • Wyoming State Forestry Division Home page, news and contact information for Wyoming State Forestry.

  • Aspen Field Guide Produced by the BLM and Utah State University in 2017, this handbook updates some of the existing literature regarding the ecology and management of quaking aspen in the western US.

Randy Wiggins, NRCS State GIS Coordinator/Forester, Casper (307) 233-6778