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Technical Support


Lidar image 2018Wyoming NRCS's Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) branch has distributed geodata and provided comprehensive GIS services to NRCS field offices and conservation districts since 1997. Our goal is to use technology to help our customers focus on the resource more so than the process. To accomplish this, our team is involved in all aspects of GIS including: field support, geodata development and management, application development, analysis techniques, training, software/hardware, and new technology.

Statewide Lidar

Wyoming statewide Lidar collection is underway through funding from FEMA and NRCS. Data is being acquired at USGS’ QL-2 standard, or better, and will begin to be available in mid-2020 from the NRCS Data Gateway and the USGS 3DEP/National Map website. The status of these mapping efforts can be found here.

Publicly Available Data and Services

This webpage is designed primarily for members of the public who are interested in obtaining or using agricultural and natural resource-related data. Below are some of the best free sites for downloading or using such data.    

USDA Data Gateway One-stop source for NRCS and other related geospatial data. Includes but is not limited to watershed boundaries, soils, digital aerial photos, Lidar, climate, land cover and stream data. Download by county or by state.

USGS National Map Project View and download a wide variety of geospatial data by a user-selected area of interest.

Digital Aerial Photos Contact information for ordering historic imagery. This site is hosted by the Aerial Photo Field Office (APFO).

NRCS Web Soil Survey A simple yet powerful way to view and analyze our authoritative soils data. Build maps and reports using your web browser or download the data to do your own custom analysis using your GIS software.

Wyoming Geospatial Science Center Clearinghouse  WyGISC is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Wyoming focused on the development of geospatial information and technologies and their applications in science, education, government and business. Data can be viewed and downloaded from their GeoHub.

Wyoming Natural Resource Explorer (NREX). NREX is a user-friendly GIS web application that allows any interested individual to access and analyze wildlife, energy, environmental, cultural, socioeconomic, infrastructural and other natural resource-related data.

The Wyoming Density and Disturbance Calculation Tool (DDCT)  The DDCT, is a spatially based tool that calculates both the number of disruptive activities averaged per square mile and total surface disturbance in the DDCT assessment area. The assessment area is created based on buffers around proposed projects in protected Sage-grouse core areas, and subsequent buffers around any occupied, core area leks within the first buffer. Limits for disruptive activities and disturbances are outlined by the Governor’s Executive Order 2011-5.

Wyoming Parcel Viewer Developed by the Wyoming Department of Enterprise Technology Services, this web-based application allows the user to access basic land ownership data.

Water Resources Data System (WRDS) Wyoming water and climate data map made available via multiple applications.      

Sage Sheldon, State GIS Coordinator, 307-233-6754
Randy Wiggins, GIS Specialist, ACES, 307-233-6778