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Technical Service Providers

The Technical Service Provider (TSP) program expands the availability of technical services to carry out NRCS Conservation Programs. TSPs provide direct technical assistance and deliver conservation services to landowners and others.

Who can become a Technical Service Provider?  Any individual, business, non-profit organization, or public agency that performs the categories of service specified on the TechReg website (NRCS employees are not eligible, and employees of public agencies must only practice under the auspices of their employing agency). For more information click here.

Who can hire a Technical Service Provider and be reimbursed by USDA?  Anyone who is eligible and subsequently receives funding through an NRCS conservation program (and a TSP is available in the geographic area for the types of services needed).

TechReg is the website for registering and locating Technical Service Providers (TSPs). 


Technical Service Providers are available in Wyoming for a variety of technical services relating to implementation of the 2002 Farm Bill. To find a TSP in your state or county, use the TSP Locator.  


The TSP program utilizes an online application process. Potential TSPs must obtain a Level 2 e-authentication account (login and password) from the USDA e-Authentication Web site at  A government-issued photo ID must be presented at the nearest USDA Service Center to complete the account process. 

Once an e-Government login and password have been set up, applicants can become certified by registering and completing the certification process through TechReg. There are detailed instructions available to walk you through the steps. Please read each criteria carefully for additional training required.

NRCS will review your application and verify that it meets NRCS requirements for certification within 60 days. If there is a problem, we will advise you and allow time for you to make corrections.

Some categories, such as Certified Conservation Planner, require additional NRCS training.  Minimum qualifications for conservation planning must be completed before receiving certification in this category.  Qualifications for Certified Conservation Planner can be found on the edirectives website.  Click on General Manual, State Supplements, Wyoming, Title 180, Part 409.

State Engineering Licensing Requirements:

The state of Wyoming regulates the practice of Engineering and Land Surveying. Individuals or firms offering Engineering or Surveying services must first be registered with the Wyoming Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors. The process of becoming certified as a Technical Service Provider through NRCS is not the same as registration as an engineer or land surveyor with the state of Wyoming. Individuals having questions about whether the service they wish to offer or perform is considered engineering or surveying under the state of Wyoming definition should contact the Board office in Cheyenne, Wyoming. You may do so by calling 307-777-6155, or review the definition of engineering and land surveying in the Wyoming Statutes 33-29-114 through 33-29-142, and Board Rules and Regulations, which can be found on web page


All technical services provided must meet NRCS Technical Standards and Specifications which are located in the electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG). 

In addition, TSPs are required to follow NRCS and Departmental policies and guidelines as well as meet program requirements for the USDA program serviced. Policy, guidelines, program manuals, and handbooks can be found in the Online Resources on TechReg.

State and local information not available online can be obtained by contacting your local Service Center or Wyoming’s State Resource Conservationist at 307-233-6768.


Most of the required training courses are found on-line at AgLearn. Click on the External Registration link.  If you already have a Level 2 e-authentication account, you can go directly to "Step 2 Complete Registration." Enter Mike Swanson as the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR). 

For AgLearn assistance, contact (vacant). 

For Level 2 e-auth assistance, contact Steve Immel at 307 233 6764.

Additional national training workshops can be found on TechReg. Professional organizations also provide training for professional certifications.

Wyoming will post on this site, as available, local and state trainings.

Local and State Training Opportunities:


Find the maximum value that a producer will be reimbursed for his/her contract with NRCS at Technical Service Payment Rates (TSPR) on TechReg.


For potential opportunities via federal contracts, grants and agreements, the following two sites are available:

The process for advertising and issuing solicitations for federal contracting opportunities is a website called FedBizOpps located at

A process for advertising and issuing solicitations for all cooperative and grant agreement opportunities is a website called located at


Q: Can I remove my name temporarily from the TechReg list?
A:  Yes. You can control whether or not TechReg displays your information. Simply log into TechReg, go to Part A of your application. Click on "Update TSP Info" in the upper right hand corner of this section, and then uncheck the "Display" box. Hiding your listing does not affect your certification status. When you want to display your listing on TechReg again, just return to your TechReg application and recheck the "Display" box.

Q:  I can't log in using my level 2 e-authentication login and password.
A:  USDA e-auth accounts are disabled after 6 months of inactivity. If you cannot log in or cannot remember your password, contact for assistance.

Paul Shelton
, Assistant State Conservationist for Operations, (307) 233-6763
Steve Immel, Management Analyst, (307) 233-6764