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Quails roost at the cornfield.

Plant Materials Program

PLANTS Database

National Biology Handbook, Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitat Resources

Subpart A General Information (PDF; 305 KB)

  • Part 600 Introduction

  • Part 601 Conservation Partnerships

  • Part 602 Training Opportunities

Subpart B Conservation Planning (PDF; 13 MB)

  • Part 610 Ecological Principles for Resource Planners

  • Part 611 Conservation Planning for Integrating Biological Resources

  • Part 612 Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Ecological Site Descriptions

  • Part 613 Conservation Corridor Planning at the Landscape Level Managing for Wildlife Habitat

  • Part 614 Stream Visual Assessment Protocol Version 2

Subpart C Technical Resources (PDF; 3.6 MB)

  • Part 620 Technical References for Integrating Fish and Wildlife Considerations into Conservation Planning

  • Part 621 Technical Guidance Documents

  • Part 630 Exhibits

  • Cover Page

  • Tabs for Printout

Subpart D Reporting Procedures for Conservation Practice Standards (PDF; 273 KB)

  • Part 640.00 Guidance for Assessing and Reporting Stream Miles Affected by Activities Completed Under Conservation Practice Standard 396, Fish Passage

  • Part 641.00 Guidance for Effective Implementation and Reporting of conservation Practice Standard 395, Stream Habitat Improvement and Management