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USDA-NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Program

Volunteers: A Vital Part of the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Do you want to:

  • Seek a career in natural resources conservation?
  • Obtain job experience?
  • Build a resume?
  • Explore a career in agriculture?
  • Serve your community?
  • Do something you love?
  • Use a particular skill?
  • Have fun?
  • Meet new people?

Join the Earth Team!

The Earth Team was established in 1985 as the volunteer component of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Volunteers work with NRCS staff to help fulfill the agency’s goal of protecting and conserving our Nation’s natural resources.

The goal of Earth Team is to expand NRCS services by using volunteer time, talent and energy to help accomplish the goals of NRCS.

You can be an Earth Team Volunteer and help protect soil, water, air, plants, and wildlife in your community. 

 “If you choose to become involved in your community by volunteering, the Earth Team in West Virginia offers so much for you whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, office worker, environmentalist, or student,” said State Conservationist, Louis Aspey. “If you have skills and experience and want to contribute in new ways, you can explore opportunities offered with the Earth Team.”

In 2012, 19,075 volunteers donated 305,564 hours to the agency with about 52% of the offices utilizing this resource.

The NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Program offers numerous opportunities for individuals 14 years of age or older. With ever-increasing workloads and a declining workforce, volunteers are essential to helping NRCS carry out its mission. They help NRCS conservationists with diverse activities—from providing conservation technical assistance to teaching and generating awareness about conservation through community projects—by working on the land, with organizations, and in schools and offices. They help with natural resource projects that improve water quality, beautify communities and reduce erosion. They also contribute their clerical, computer, and writing skills to NRCS and conservation district offices across the nation.

For additional information about the Earth Team Volunteer Program in West Virginia, please contact Nan Kimble, Volunteer Coordinator at 304-284-7546.  Additional information is available online at  or call 1-888-LANDCARE.