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State Office

West Virginia State Office

United States Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service
1550 Earl L. Core Road, Suite 200
Morgantown, WV  26505
Phone: 304-284-7540
Fax: 855-857-6448


State Conservationist's Staff
Name Position Phone
Louis Aspey State Conservationist 304-284-7540
Nan Kimble State Conservationist's Secretary 304-284-7546
Rebecca Haddix Public Affairs Specialist (Contractor) 304-284-7545
Jared Beard State Soil Scientist (On Detail) 304-284-7597
Vacant Public Affairs Specialist 304-284-4826


Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone
Nicole Viars Assistant State Conservationist - Management and Strategy 304-284-7544
Jeremy Bennett Business Services Specialist  304-284-7554
Beth Bishop Management Analyst 304-284-7559
Susan Edgar Financial Resources Specialist 304-284-7555
Ashley Powell Administrative Assistant (Contractor) 304-284-7582
Vacant Program Assistant 304-284-7593
Vacant Program Assistant 304-284-4245


Name Position Phone
Laura Smith Assistant State Conservationist - Programs 304-284-7543
Nerick Bolyard Administrative Assistant (Contractor, Easements) 304-284-7566
Jeff Griffith Acting Farm Bill Specialist - Financial Assistance 304-284-7565
Tim Hastings Program Services Assistant 304-284-7568
Heather Hinson Toolkit Coordinator / Farm Bill Specialist
(On Detail)
Marissa Meltzer Student Intern 304-284-7574
Michael O'Conor Student Intern 304-284-7574
Matthew Oliver Acting Easement Specialist 304-284-7564
Sydney White Student Intern 304-284-7574
JR Wolfe ACES - Farm Bill Specialist - Financial Assistance 304-284-7583
Pam Yost Agricultural Economist 304-284-7572
Vacant Easement Specialist  
Vacant Environmental Specialist  
Vacant Resource Conservationist For questions and issues concerning WV easements For questions and issues concerning WV financial assistance programs For questions and issues concerning WV watershed programs


Name Position Phone
Andy Deichert State Conservation Engineer 304-284-7563
Kathy Allen Agricultural Engineer 304-284-7561
Nathan Knox Civil Engineering Technician 304-284-7570
Jeff McClure State Geologist 304-284-4898
Tim Ridley Dam Safety Engineer 304-284-7573
Joseph Seybert Civil Engineer 304-284-7567
Patrick Sisneros Civil Engineer 304-284-7562
Tom Sites Civil Engineering Technician 304-284-7569
Vacant Civil Engineer 304-284-7596


Ecological Sciences
Name Position Phone
Damarys Mortenson State Resource Conservationist  304-284-7579
Kyle Aldinger State Cerulean Warbler Specialist 304-284-7595
Jason Bladow State Biologist 304-284-7581
Carla Davis Administrative Assistant (Contractor) 304-284-7578
Jenna Floyd Soil Conservationist (Pathways) 304-284-7598
Vacant State Forester 304-284-7576
Isaac Wolford State Agronomist (On Detail) 304-284-7580
Appalachian Plant Materials Center
John Vandevender Plant Materials Center Manager 304-445-3005 x-100
Warren Haynes Biological Science Technician 304-445-3005 x-102
Randall Lester Plant Materials Center Assistant Manager 304-445-3005 x-101


MLRA Soil Survey Regional Office 6
Name Position Phone
David Kingsbury Soil Survey Regional Director 304-284-7589
Ben Hannibal Administrative Assistant 304-284-7594
Michael Jones Soil Data Quality Specialist 304-284-7588
Wendy Noll GIS Specialist / WV NRI Coordinator 304-284-7590
Jeff Thomas Senior Regional Soil Scientist 304-284-7594
Cross Lanes Service Center
Debby Cunningham Soil Scientist 304-776-5256 x-111
Huntington Service Center
Rick Jones Soil Scientist 304-208-8400
Alan Moore Soil Data Quality Specialist / Geophysical Investigations 304-208-8402
Morgantown Service Center
Vacant MLRA-Soil Survey Office Leader 304-291-4377-150
Chris Seitz Soil Scientist 304-291-4377-155
Jason Teets Ecological Site Inventory Specialist 304-291-4377-130
Vacant Soil Scientist 304-291-4377-152


Mission Support Services
Name Position Phone
Christopher Carrico Accountant 304-284-7553
Shannon Smith Financial Specialist 304-276-9544
Amy Stonebraker Contract Specialist 304-284-7557