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About Us

About West Virginia NRCS

Our Employees - Our Strength

NRCS employees serve all 55 West Virginia counties from 30 field offices across the state. Staff includes engineers, conservationists,  technicians, soil scientists, RC&D coordinators, and volunteers. These employees work hand-in-hand with land users to conserve natural resources on private lands.

West Virginia Conservation Partnership

NRCS accomplishes our mission by working closely with West Virginia’s 14 conservation districts and six Resource Conservation and Development Councils. These locally elected or appointed community leaders ensure that local conservation concerns are met. The WV Conservation Agency and NRCS balance their specific local needs with a coordinated state and national conservation effort.

Conservation Technical Assistance

Conservation planning and application comprises the foundation of the Natural Resources Conservation Services’ (NRCS) programs and services. Technical assistance may be provided to landowners whether or not they are enrolled in a USDA conservation program. NRCS promotes planning a total resource management system. This is a sustainable approach taking into account all of the natural resources in the planning area.

Conservation Planning

Conservation planning is the cornerstone of NRCS services. A conservation plan outlines the different practices or measures that a land owner may take to protect the natural resources on his or her property. A plan may address only one natural resource issue, or may be comprehensive, addressing all of the natural resources on the landowner’s acreage with several conservation practices.

Conservation Application

Conservation application involves the implementation of the conservation plan. This includes the actual construction of conservation practice or practices recommended by the conservation planner and are typically done by the landowner or a contractor. The conservation application process is complete when all planned conservation practices are implemented.

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