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Technical Resources


Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning

Resources and references to help develop a CNMP.  These plans document the practices and strategies adopted by the livestock operation to address the natural resource concerns related to soil erosion, livestock manure, and disposal of organic by-products.

Conservation Planning Tools

Tools you can use to develop resource conservation plans:

Drainage Water Management

Manage the timing and amount of water discharged from agricultural drainage systems for both water quality improvement and production benefits.


NRCS supports the sustainable production of renewable energy sources on Wisconsin farms, and works with farmers to conserve fuel and reduce greenhouse gases.


Detailed drawings and plans of things such as barnyards, ponds, waste storage facilities, fences, and grade stabilization structures.

Engineering manuals and handbooks, with Wisconsin supplements are also available.

Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG)

The Field Office Technical Guide (WI-FOTG) is the primary technical reference tool used in accomplishing the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) mission.  WI-FOTG contains technical reference material to be used when planning, designing, applying, and maintaining conservation practices. 

National Field Office Technical Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing FOTG Materials


Managing woodlands protects the resource, improves wildlife habitat, and increases forestland productivity.


Wisconsin Customer Service Toolkit (CST) is the primary conservation planning tool used by NRCS and conservation districts. Toolkit is used for conservation planning and design, layout, and evaluation of approved conservation practices

National Resources Inventory

The National Resources Inventory (NRI) is an inventory of land cover and use, soil erosion, prime farmland, wetlands, and other natural resource characteristics on non-Federal rural land in the United States. The NRI provides a record of the Nation's conservation accomplishments and future program needs.

Plant Materials

NRCS National Plants Database  Characteristics, photos, and references for plants found in the US. Invasive species, threatened & endangered plants, fact sheets, and other resources.

NRCS Plant Material Centers  Plant material activities featured at NRCS's 16 PMCs in the US.

Rose Lake Plant Material Center serves Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region. For information on the Wisconsin Plant Materials Committee, contact Andrew Hart, Wisconsin NRCS State Forester.

Rapid Watershed Assessment

Rapid Watershed Assessments include GIS data and watershed maps on key resource factors, including climate, topography, erodibility and other factors.


Find out about Wisconsin's prime soils, hydric soils, erosion, leaching, soil surveys, soil maps, and all other information about Wisconsin soils.

Technical Service Providers

Technical Service Providers, certified by NRCS, may provide technical assistance to farmers on conservation programs and practices.