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Watershed Rehabilitation

In Wisconsin, eighty-three dams have become part of Wisconsin’s landscape through the PL-566 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention program. More than half of these dams need repairs that, if not corrected, will result in significant adverse environmental, economic, and social impacts. The dams were built to protect agricultural lands. However, human health and safety concerns now exist downstream of 12 dams as a result of residential and commercial development.

Studies are needed on an additional 41 dams to determine the extent to which other homes and businesses could be in harm’s way. Eighty-two of the dams are between 20 and 39 years old.  Many of these dams will reach the end of their useful life within 15 years.  More about Watershed Rehabilitation.

Dam Rehabilitation Projects

More Information

For further information on Watershed Rehabilitation, contact:

John Ramsden, P.E., State Conservation Engineer
8030 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI  53717
Phone:  608-662-4422, ext. 234