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Earth Team is a program that partners volunteers with NRCS employees. It was created in 1985 and offers many opportunities to individuals 14 and older who are interested in volunteering to improve the nation’s natural resources. Earth Team volunteers help NRCS conservationists provide private landowners and others a range of services from conservation technical assistance to teaching and generating awareness about conservation through community projects. Earth Team Volunteers allow NRCS to stretch available resources and help put additional conservation practices on the ground. Volunteer efforts help improve land and wildlife habitat and contribute to cleaner water and air for everyone.

NRCS Wisconsin Earth Team Volunteer Program

The job of conserving natural resources cannot be done by government alone. The collective talents and energies of private individuals and groups are needed. Since 1981, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has provided an opportunity for volunteers to use their talents and abilities on behalf of conservation. these volunteers are known as the Earth Team. NRCS is proud of the dedicated Earth Team volunteers and staff who have committed their time and talents to conserving and protecting our natural resources.

Why be a Volunteer? You Can Make A Difference!

As a member, you could gain professional experience, discover a lifetime career, receive training, earn academic credit, work on conservation activities in your community, and help conserve natural resources for future generations. Earth Team Volunteers have one thing in common: they want to help protect the natural resources in their communities. Anyone who is 14 years of age or older can volunteer. Help reduce soil erosion, conserve our water and improve its quality, carry the conservation message to schools, and take pride in our country's natural resource heritage. Whatever your talents or interests, there is a volunteer opportunity for you. You will help your community, your country and our Earth.

Other reasons people volunteer include:

  • to enjoy working outdoors
  • to help others
  • to learn a new skill
  • to pursue an interest in natural resources
  • to gain work experience
  • to complete a school project
  • to meet high school community service requirements
  • to enhance college applications and scholarship applications with volunteer service

Wisconsin Earth Team Contacts

Contact the Earth Team Coordinator in your area below to inquire about opportunities in Wisconsin. Also, you may use our Service Center map to locate and contact NRCS staff in your county to learn about local volunteer opportunities.

Name Phone/Email
Kim Cupery, Acting State Volunteer Coordinator
Madison State Office Coordinator
Phone: 920.386.9999
Ben Zwiefelhofer, Area 1 Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 715.461.6006
Deb Potts, Area 2 Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 920.733.1575
Lindsi Hagen, Area 3 Volunteer Coordinator Email:
Phone: 608.847.7221
Kim Cupery, Area 4 Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 920.386.9999

Earth Team Forms

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For more Earth Team Information

Still need to know more? call 1-888-LANDCARE.  Let a friend know!  

National Earth Team Volunteer Website