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Success Stories

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Welcome to the Wisconsin conservation showcase! Here you'll find stories featuring farmers and landowners who successfully implement conservation, with the help of NRCS, on their diverse farming operations. Whether its planting pollinator habitat, increasing your soil's health by implementing cover crops and no-till, managed grazing or more, find out what can be accomplished through a partnership with NRCS. Want to get new stories in your inbox? Sign up here.

Interactive Story Map Features - National Friday's on the Farm

Driftless Area SuccessConserving a Unique Midwestern Landscape
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Harmony Valley FarmOrganic Produce with
a Purpose

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Jessica Gales and Cory Drummond view SAFE habitat acres restored.Creating Wildlife Habitat Acre by Acre
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Stauner and Stinebrink during packingOrganic Producer Delivers Cranberries
to the Table

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The Harpers on their grazing acresWisconsin Family Passes Down a Conservation Ethic
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Joe and Ron in a heifer facility.Conservation Planning Helps Keep Dairy Farm Productive
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Justin Duell of the G Farm, and Merrie Schamberger, NRCS.Beginning Veteran Farmer Grazes His Way to Success
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Planning Boosts Forest HealthPlanning Boosts Forest Health and Management
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Jacob and Tony Green Fire FarmGreen Fire Farm Mimics Nature to Create a Pasture of the Future
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Feature Success Stories

Barry and Derek Cover CropsThe Proof is in the Soil: Fox Demo Farm Thrives Through Use of Cover Crops and No-Till
Read more (3.3MB pdf)
Highlighting Conservation Planning, Technical Assistance, GLRI, Demo Farms

Jessica Gales and Cory Drummond view SAFE habitat acres restored.Native Grasses, Forbs and Oak Savannas Aplenty: Wildlife Habitat Flourishes Through SAFE Program Partnership
Read more (395 KB pdf)
Highlighting Conservation Planning, CRP, SAFE Acres Partnership and Technical Assistance

Stauner and Stinebrink during packing

A Bountiful Thanksgiving Harvest: Organic Cranberry Producer Brings Fruit to the Family Table
Read more (5 MB pdf)
Highlighting Conservation Planning, EQIP and Forest Management

The Harpers on their grazing acresPerseverance Pays Off: Harpers Diversify to Keep Farm Thriving
Read more (1 MB pdf)
Highlighting Conservation Planning, EQIP, Dairy, Cover Crops, Honey Bees and Managed Grazing

WRP Landowners Columbia CountyNatural Resources Education and Restoration: Flyways Waterfowl Experience Directors Restore Wetlands
Read more (3.5 MB pdf)
Featuring the Wetland Reserve Program and pollinator habitat.

Streambank Stabilization - Tribal PartnershipRaspberry River Streambank Stabilization Efforts on Spirit Island: Partnering with the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation
Read more (5 MB pdf)
Featuring Conservation Planning, Tribal Partnerships and Streambank Stabilization

Ohne Raasch and Mark SteinfestRestoration Leads to Flourishing Wetlands: Jefferson County Landowner Brings Wildlife Home
Read more (5 MB pdf)
Featuring Wetland Reserve Easements Restoration

Jacob and Tony Green Fire FarmGreen Fire Farm Lives Regenerative Agriculture: Mimicking Nature to Create a Pasture of the Future
Read more (4 MB pdf)
Featuring Conservation Planning, EQIP, CSP, Managed Rotational Grazing

Justin Duell of the G Farm, and Merrie Schamberger, NRCS.Beginning, Veteran Farmer Grazes His Way to Success: High Quality Meat and Produce Directly to Your Dinner Table
Read more (2.3 MB pdf)
Featuring a Conservation Activity Plan, EQIP, CSP, Rotational Grazing, Maple Syrup

Jack Herricks and Michelle KomiskeyPioneers of No-Till: Farmer Fosters Land Stewardship Ethic
Read more (4.8 MB pdf)
Featuring Conservation Planning, EQIP, CSP and No-Till

Glacial Lake Cranberries harvestCranberries at the Heart of Cranmoor: Native Fruit Thrives at Glacial Lake Cranberries
Read more (3.9 MB pdf)
Featuring Conservation Planning, EQIP, CSP and Forest Management

Joe and Mary Hovel with Celie BorndalManaging Woodlands with a Conservation Land Ethic: Renowned Cabin Builder Protects 3,000 Forested Acres
Read more (3.69 MB pdf)
Highlighting Forestry, Forest Management Plans, RCPP, CSP and EQIP

Tim ServaisConservation in Focus: Organic Dairy Farm Involves Entire Family
Read more (3.1 MB pdf)
EQIP, CSP, Organic Dairy Farm and Contouring

Red Cedar Demo FarmPartners in Conservation: Red Cedar Demo Farm Offers Hands-On Education
Read more (4.9 MB pdf)
Featuring Demonstration Farms, Education and Cover Crops

D. Birmingham Success StoryDepending on the Wilds to Pollinate: Organic Orchard Grower Makes Conservation Impact
Read more (1.8 MB pdf)
Featuring EQIP, CSP, Organics, Orchards and Pollinators

Nate Bell success storyRestoring the Little Lemonweir: Farmer Revitalizes Stream Habitat
Read more (5.1 MB pdf)
Featuring EQIP, CSP, Streambank Restoration, Fish Habitat and Cover Crops

honey beesSweet Success: Beekeepers Restore Pollinator Habitat
Read more (2.6 MB pdf)
Featuring EQIP and the Honey Bee Pollinator Effort

Success StorySustainability at its Best: Beginning Farmer Revitalizes Former Mining Land
Read more (3.7 MB pdf)
Featuring EQIP, CSP and a Beginning Farmer

Lac du FlambeauState-of-the-Art Aquaculture Site Built for Walleye Rearing: Lac du Flambeau Tribe Raises and Restocks Fish
Read more (2 MB pdf)
Featuring EQIP, CSP, Tribal Partnerships and Aquaculture

Ka Hmong Cooperative AgreementHmong Community Gardens in Harmony with the Land
Read more (1 MB pdf)
Featuring an EQIP Cooperative Agreement, Historically Underserved Populations and Community Gardens

Woodland DunesPreserving Woodland Dunes Habitat: Small Non-Profit Proves Huge Impact in Community
Read more (2 MB pdf)
Featuring EQIP, Honey Bee Pollinator Effort, CSP and CRP

Reed FittonThe Living Land Remembers, Treat it with Care: Beginning Farmer Revives Legendary Land
Read more (2 MB pdf)
Featuring EQIP, Managed Grazing and Honey Bee Pollinator Effort

Nettekoven family on their farmHard Work Pays Off: Nettekoven Farm Produces Healthy, Nutrient-Rich Food, While Preserving Land for Future Generations
Read more (290 KB pdf)
Featuring the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Cover Crops, No-Till, EQIP and Demonstration Farms

Joe and Ron in a heifer facility.Majestic Views on a Contour Farm: Dairy Farmer Promotes Sustainability
Read more (3.9 MB pdf)
Featuring Conservation Planning, EQIP, Cover Crops and Contour Strips

Successes from the Field Series

You asked, we listened. Success stories directly from the field related to topics farmers and landowners care about: what works for cover crops in my county, how can I improve my woodlands, what’s available to help pollinators, how can I heal my soil and help my water quality, and more. You’ll find answers in these stories, from farmers and landowners who successfully partner with NRCS to receive assistance in putting conservation to work on their farm. Sign up here to receive this series monthly in your inbox!
FY19 Menomonie Dunn CoDunn County: Drinking the Successes of Improved Water Quality
Read more (870 KB pdf)
FY19 Mauston SS - Juneau CoJuneau County: Ho-Chunk Nation and the NRCS Partner to Restore Wetland
Read more (260 KB pdf)
FY19 Baraboo SS - Sauk CoSauk County: Conservation Observance Day Highlights
Read more (260 KB pdf)
Appleton Service Center - Outagamie CountyOutagamie County: Pollinator Walk Highlights Habitat Success
Read more (207 KB pdf)
Janesville Service Center - Rock CountyRock County: Field Day Showcases Precision Agriculture and Water Quality
Read more (1.2 MB pdf)
Stevens Point Service Center - Portage CountyPortage County: Grassland Conservation in Central Wisconsin
Read more (1.4 MB pdf)
Monroe, GreenGreen County: Ground Cover Seeding Adds to Soil and Water Conservation
Read more (399 KB pdf)
Altoona, Eau ClaireEau Claire: New Partnerships Work to Restore Grasslands
Read more (219 KB pdf)
Iowa, DodgevilleIowa County: Grazing and Grassland Birds
Read more (174 KB pdf)

Chilton SS FY18Calumet County: Forage Council Promotes Soil Health
Read more (208 KB pdf)

Manitowoc SS FY18

Manitowoc County: Hidden Valley Farm Preserves Land for Wildlife
Read more (693 KB pdf)

FY18 Fond du Lac CoFond du Lac County: Soil Quality Leads to Water Quality
Read more (225 KB pdf)

FY18 Kewaunee Co LuxemburgKewaunee County: Seasonal High Tunnel Supports Community
Read more (225 KB pdf)

fy18 Vernon Co ViroquaVernon County: Converting Cropland to Rotationally Grazed Pasture
Read more (149 KB pdf)

Oshkosh SS FY18Winnebago County: Conservation Cooperation at its Best
Read more (1 MB pdf)

Marinette CountyMarinette County: Beginning farmers Follow Their Passion
Read more (1 MB pdf)

Sheboygan CountySheboygan County: Deep Roots in Conservation
Read more (1 MB pdf)
Taylor CountyTaylor County: Improved Water Quality and Animal Health
Read more (1 MB KB pdf)
FY18 Washburn County Success from the fieldWashburn County: Forty Years of Assistance
Read more (596 KB pdf)
FY18 Fond du Lac Success from the FieldFond du Lac County: Resource Management Planning, a Concept that Still Work
Read more (596 KB pdf)
Ellsworth Service Center, Pierce County HighlightPierce County: Conservation Journey Over the Decades
Read more (596 KB pdf)
Baraboo Service Center, Sauk County HighlightSauk County: RCPP Makes Conversion to Prescribed Grazing Possible
Read more (173 KB pdf)
Darlington Service Center, Lafayette County HighlightLafayette County: Two Onion Farm, Layers of Conservation
Read more (140 KB pdf) 
Green Lake SS_GreenLakeCoGreen County: Cooperative Conservation Contributes to
Cleaner Water

Read more (356 KB pdf)
Black River FallsSS JacksonCo.Jackson County: Highlighting Healthy Soil and Pollinator Habitat at Jackson County Fair
Read more (272 KB pdf)
Merrill SS Lincoln CoLincoln County: Longer Growing Season "It's a Win-Win" Situation
Read more (223 KB pdf)
FY18 Brown County Success from the FieldBrown County: Farming With Nature
Read more (596 KB pdf)

Balsam Lake Polk Co. FY18Polk County: Partnership Fulfills Woodland Niche
Read more (122 KB pdf)
Asphalt Cattle LotBayfield County: Gaining Ground with an Innovative Asphalt Cattle Lot
Read more (289 KB pdf)
Praire du Chien Crawford FY18Crawford County: 58 Years of Conservation and Counting
Read more (304 KB pdf)
FY18 Alma Durand SuccessPepin County: A Prairie Christmas, Beauty in the Bloom
Read more (111 KB pdf)

FY18 Wausau Marathon SuccessMarathon County: Creative Conservation is Profitable
Read more (4165 KB pdf)

FY18 Barron Ladysmith SuccessBarron County: New Partnership Boosts
Soil Health

Read more (181 KB pdf)

Clark County - NeillsvilleClark County: Three Generations Strong
Read more (155 KB pdf)

Dunn County - MenomonieDunn County: Building Our Future Conservationists
Read more (234 KB pdf)

Grant County - Lancaste

Grant County: Cropland Conversion Yields Big Results
Read more (207 KB pdf)

Chippewa County Cover Crops into Winter Wheat

Chippewa County: Conservation-Minded Farmer Keeps Century Farm Thriving
Read more (209 KB pdf)

Arnold Peterson Shawano County

Shawano County: Belle Plaine Farmer aids Mother Nature
Read more (199 KB pdf)

Walworth County Cover Crops

Walworth County: Weeks Farm Partners Increase Yields and Soil Health With the use of Cover Crops
Read more (1 MB pdf)

Dane County Jerome and Jackie

Dane County: Century Farm Restores Woodlands, Savanna and Trout Stream
Read more (710 KB pdf)

Walworth Pasture Walk

Walworth County: 16th Annual Prairie Walk Returns to Its Roots
Read more (998 KB pdf)

Hilgarts Wisconsin Rapids

Wood County: Central Wisconsin Family Farms Diverse and Sustainable
Read more (634 KB pdf)

Eau Claire Butterfly SuccessEau Claire County: If you build it (habitat), they will come.
Read more (1,536 KB pdf)

Durand Streambank Success

Pepin County: Partnering to Restore Fall Creek
Read more (812 KB pdf)

Juneau Cover Crop Success

Dodge County: A Leader in Conservation
Read more (2,167 KB pdf)

Portage Success

Columbia County: EQIP Helps Yorkshire Rose Farm Grazing Sheep
Read more (934 KB pdf)

Barron SS Success

Barron County: Thinking Outside the Box
Read more (578 KB pdf)

West Bend SuccessWashington County: Grazing for Soil Health
Read more (641 KB pdf)

Fond du Lac, Dawn and Richard SlagerFond du Lac County: Produce With a Purpose
Read more (169 KB pdf)

Fond du Lac, frost seeding clover close-up.Fond du Lac County: Frost Seeding Clover? It Works!
Read more (248 KB pdf)

Oconto County, Jim Mahoney and Jeff Maroszek evaluate corn.Oconto County: Double Duty Cover Crop Boosts Yields
Read more (212 KB pdf)

Polk County, emptying the pit for the last time.Polk County:
Pit be Gone

Read more (279 KB pdf)

Jackson CountyJackson County: Local Producer Talks Organic Transition and Pastures
Read more (208 KB pdf)

Green LakeGreen Lake County: Decades of Conservation
Read more (212 KB pdf)

Richland SuccessRichland County: The Ridge & Valleys of Richland County
Read more (200 KB pdf)

Burnett County

Burnett County: Surface and Groundwater Protection Efforts Pay Off
Read more (419 KB pdf)

Vernon County

Vernon County: EQIP Assists in Restoring Stream Function
Read more (200 KB pdf)

Success Story

Oneida County: Family Fishing Day Promotes Conservation Education
Read more (231 KB pdf)

Success Story

Monroe County: Sinkhole Treatment - A Groundwater Protection Practice
Read more (234 KB pdf)

Success StoryKewaunee County: For the Uncommon Love of Backyard Bats
Read more (154 KB pdf)

dodgeville success

Iowa County: Beef Producers Use EQIP and a "Razor" to Improve Pastures
Read more (2.5 MB pdf)

ellsworth success

Pierce County: A "Honey of a Program"
Read more (1.4 MB pdf)

merrill success

Lincoln County: Early Successional Habitat in Aspen Stands
Read more (2 MB pdf)

Baraboo  story

Sauk County: RCPP Reduces Erosion in the Baraboo River Watershed
Read more (804 KB pdf)

St Croix story

St. Croix County: Students Plant Seeds to Benefit Pollinators
Read more (1.3 MB pdf)

Green Bay story

Brown County: Rotational Grazing Affords Easy Profits, Less Work
Read more (939 KB pdf)

Success in the Field

Rock County: Volunteer Efforts Restore Habitat for Rare Species
Read more (1.3 MB pdf)

Success in the Field

Green County: Waste Separation and Soil Health Benefits
Read more (529 KB pdf)

Success in the Field

Clark County: No-Till Dairy Farming
Read more (1 MB pdf)

Successes in Oshkosh, Wis.Winnebago County: Farmers See Benefit of No-Till
and Cover Crops

Read more (573 KB pdf)

high tunnels and hoop houses

Ashland County: High Tunnels Take Hold in Northern Wisconsin
Read more (813 KB pdf)

Medford wis.

Taylor County: Planning is Key to Grazier's Success
Read more (170 KB pdf)

RhinelanderVilas County Forestry: A Place of Solitude
Read more (366 KB pdf)
Read more Wisconsin Conservation Success Stories from previous years.