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Cultural Resources

Cultural ResourcesCultural Resources are evidence of past human activity.  These may include pioneer homes, buildings or old roads; structures with unique architecture; prehistoric village sites; historic or prehistoric artifacts or objects; rock inscription; human burial sites; earthworks; such as a battlefield entrenchment, prehistoric canals, or mounds.  These nonrenewable resources often yield unique information about past societies and environments, and provide answers for modern day social and conservation problems.  Although many have been discovered and protected, there are numerous forgotten, undiscovered, or unprotected cultural resources in rural America.

Restoring Historical Barns    
This web page provides links to various sources of information to assist owners in researching barn history, repair, and preservation groups or sources of funding that may be of assistance.

Washington State Cultural Resources Items of Interest

PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Discovering Washington's Archaeological History  (PDF; 160 KB)

General Information brochure - Protecting Cultural Resources on Private Lands  (PDF; 588 KB)

State Level Agreement (SLA) between the Washington USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and Washington State Historic Preservation Officer (PDF; 1.4MB)

NRCS National Cultural Resources Procedures Handbook  (PDF; 994 KB)

  • WA State Supplement: Part 160, Subpart C 601.22-25 

For additional NRCS information regarding Cultural Resources:

Department of Archeology and Historical Preservation: